1. J

    PC for medical laboratory

    Kindly suggest me PC configuration for medical lab. Text data and graphs will be stored. No complex images.
  2. G

    How to Completely Brick the Android Tablet?

    Hello, to all of you. I have an Android tablet, I want to know, Is there some method(preferably software one) by which I can completely brick it? means no body can boot it in either way, it is urgent, actually I have some data stored on it that I can not delete it, and some one is taking my...
  3. rohitshakti2

    Backup in Win7 not coming up

    I have Win 7 Professional installed but I am not able to see backup page but earlier around 2 months back I had made a backup which is stored in my PC drive. Please tell how to restore the backup which is already stored on my PC in case this backup utility does not pop up.
  4. aaruni

    Website offline

    Is there any way that my simple machines forum will work offline, i.e., if all the files are stored on my computer, then i can access it using a browser?
  5. tech_boy

    C Expression Problem

    Guys consider following statements: int a,b,c; a=5; b=7; c=a+++++b; What is stored in c?and How!
  6. K

    Calculates the first derivative of a simple polynomial

    Hello All, I am new to this 8086 assembly language. I have to take user input showing message "Enter polynomial:" which further takes some input according to value entered for polynomial in loop and stored in array in order to calculate derivative. IS any one tell me how can I do? Best...
  7. B

    How to assign default image to user?

    I am doing a website using My requirement is . when the user registers,a default image should be assigned to him in the database which can be changed later. suppose this default image is stored within a folder named image and the table name is user_reg & the column name is...
  8. bajaj151

    Fraps 3.2.3 problem

    1 month back, I recorded videos playing on Firefox and Internet Explorer window but yesterday I can't...there is no frame counter.But when I tried fraps on stored video (played on VLC)...there is no problem in recording. I uninstalled fraps using Revo and then installed fraps...but same problem.
  9. P

    Storing sorted data in VB Oracle

    Hey friends, I am developing an applicationn using VB 6 and Oracle. Can any1 tell me how to make sure that when I store data in Oracle db through VB, It is stored automatically in sorted form by a field empcode? Thanks a lot!
  10. ritesh.techie

    Secure your FireFox by tweaking it manually

    In this tutorial I will show you how you can secure your stored password in firefox, by simply adding 2-3 lines in your userChrome.css file. For those who don’t know how to tweak userChrome.css file please refer to Basic Firefox Tweaking Tutorial and Advanced Tweaking Tutorial. Before getting...
  11. T

    How data can be stored in bacteria ?

    Normally whenever you think of data storage, the choices that would come to your mind are Hard Disks, flash drives, CD/DVD etc . However the researchers in Japan don’t think that way . The see something that is very much smaller and much more durable – Bacteria , yeah I am talking about those...
  12. dhawald

    Help with Moto Rokr E8

    Hi guys, I am planning to buy the Moto Rokr E8, available for 8.5k in Delhi. primarily buying it for the music. can I use the player functions with the music stored in the microsd card like adding to playlist and sorting by artist and album, just the way it is done with the music stored in...
  13. L

    help! rar

    hi..i'm new to this site..and i'm really not into technology..i have this mp4, and i couldn't use it anymore because once, i added files in rar kind of locked my gadget, that i couldn't open files that was stored in it previously..i would appreciate it very much if you could be of...
  14. ankushkool

    Web page in email. possible?

    i want to send invitation 2 my friends using email(i use gmail). now i dont want any link in de mail, i want all graphics n text 2 be seen directly in de mail. the only possible way i thought was 2 was html in de mail. but there will be probs like were will de pics be stored n all Plez help me...
  15. Ganeshkumar

    Will my sms get stored in Network server??

    Hi all :):) This is for my friend. His friend comitted sucide. :( :( To know the exact reason of the sucide, they need to know the sms conversation from his no. I just need to know, whether sms text gets stored in our network server ?? If it gets stored, hopefully they must give us, if we...
  16. S

    Find all the passwords stored in Google chrome

    It is very easy to find all the passwords stored in Google chrome. You can read more about it here- *
  17. zegulas

    How to store n number of strings in an with unknown size

    How to store n number of strings in an array with unknown size How to declare an array for storing strings while we don't know how many will be stored, it has to be specified during runtime by the user. For C language.
  18. C

    How can I discharge stored up static electricity from my hands?

    How can I remove static electricity stored in my hands? No wrist straps please.
  19. C

    where are streamed videos stored on our computer?

    when we stream any video online, i know that they get stored on our PC in a particular folder. which is that folder???
  20. S

    avg updates

    hai, in which location r the avg automatic updates stored?
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