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Samsung S8530 Wave II Or The Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830

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Forget eBay, buy from Flipkart. Better payment options and lesser warranty hassles will save you some headaches later on and the pricing is also pretty good. Also, they are more reliable IMO.

Here - Samsung Wave II S8530 Price In India: Buy Samsung Wave II S8530: Price, Reviews: Flipkart Mobiles (Ebony Gray)

I was browsing the forum and checked you r link. Its true flip kart is good especially with its cash on delivery option so you don't have to use a credit our debit card, but e bay is not bad either. Just make sure that you buy from a power seller and that you are not the first person to buy the particular item from that seller


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Thanks a lot guys, i was quite busy last days, anways i think i'll go for WAVE II, just bcz it has good look and some extra features than Samsung Ace. I don't care what OS it have, bcz it doesn't matter to me, I just want good looking phone for Internet browsing, for checking emails only. I don't wanna extend my budget for just OS. I know there is some difference in Android and Bada.

There is a massive difference between Android and Bada. Wave II is unusable.

But its your decision...


P. S. If you don't want Android, please buy Nokia. That way, your user experience will be a lot better than on Bada...


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Wave II is unusable.
What ?
On the contrary, the Wave II runs smother and is as stable as the Galaxy Ace when i tried it. For most uses like light_moderate web browsing, listening to music, watching movies, the Wave II is far superior.

The Ace hasn't received any developer support as yet and even if it does, you'll need atleast 3-4 months after that to get a usable ROM.

Android is a good OS but its not the only one and might not suit everyone (For e.g. its heavily dependent upon net connectivity and without it, Android is pretty handicapped and mot much different from S^3)

Please don't belittle other phones without actually trying them



^^ totally agree. Android is far ahead of Bada, but thats not enough to convince anyone that Ace is better than Wave II. If you take out android market and all time net connectivity, Ace is nothing compared to Wave II.


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Anyways guys i just bought Samsung Galaxy S i9003, in 19,700 , and it's having all feature same as wave II + Android OS. but it's not having LED flash and Camera button. but it doesn't matter to me :)
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