1. ZTR

    Ace combat 7: Skies unknown

    Mpgwu-xpG5w A proper Ace Combat is coming to the PC :hyper::hyper::hyper: This is big. (And before someone says about Assault Horizon, no that crap wasn't a proper AC game, this is)
  2. axes2t2

    Need ROM suggestion.

    Anyone know any good ROM's for the ancient Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830?
  3. K

    samsung galaxy ace 3

    pls review about samsung galaxy ace 3, and what is the price..?
  4. Nerevarine

    Best Android for ~13k

    All right it's time for me to purchase a new phone for around 13k after my trusty old android finally gave in.. My requirements in order of preference - Good Casual Gaming performance WARRANTY Good ROM support Camera not a huge priority Im willing to wait till the end of this month, and thats...
  5. shuhailnp

    touchscreen replacement of galaxy ace

    hi today my sisters galaxy ace touchscreen got crack which look like it broke into 2 pieces but the touch works . anyone has any idea how much it will cost to replace it ?
  6. bijay_ps

    Unrooting prob. in samsung galaxy ace

    Hi frndz... some 2 months back I rooted my android samsung galaxy ace following the tutorials from How to Root the Samsung Galaxy Ace (S5830) - TheUnlockr It got rooted successfully and there was 2 new symbols in my menu: i) rootValidator ii)Super User And today suddenly my memory card...
  7. bijay_ps

    galaxy ace battery prob

    Hello friends!! I have been using samsung galaxy ace for more than a year now. But its battery back-up seems to have degraded alot, if I use internet on my mobile the battery doesn't even last half an hour :( :( (3G is activated) I have also tried many battery saver apps but none of them have...
  8. Charley

    Add Google Search Bar on Samsung Galaxy Ace Home Page

    How do I add the Google search box on the home screen for easy search on Samsung Galaxy Ace ?
  9. vikasg03

    Phone between 10-12 K range

    Hi, Please suggest android based phone between 10-12 K. What about Samsung Galaxy Ace 5830. Is it worth to purchase this?
  10. Charley

    Copy Text From Email/Twitter And Search on Google on Samsung Galaxy Ace

    I need to copy text from Twitter/Email and search it on Google on Samsung Galaxy Ace. It must be similar as using the computer via Google Chrome. Is it possible ?
  11. tkin

    Ace Combat Assault Horizon is coming to PC!!

    Finally, the game I drooled over for so long and watched the trailer countless times is making its long awaited appearance on the PC platform, hell yeah :-D :-D Ace Combat Assault Horizon PC version confirmed • News • PC • Just watch this trailer and drool over...
  12. axes2t2

    Memory card advice needed.

    It's for the Galaxy Ace. Transcend or Kingston.
  13. R

    Samsung galaxy ace s5830i boot problem

    Today when i was updating my samsung galaxy ace s5830i with Icecream Sandwich (from gingerbread) through SD card update (downloaded as zip files), the update completed within 20 secs and gave a message Installation successful. After that i rebooted. Rebooting got stuck at samsung galaxy ace...
  14. coderunknown

    Samsung announces list of devices that will get Jelly Bean

    Samsung has already announced that S Duos & S Advanced will get JB update but what about the entry level mobiles? Well here is the list that is eligible to get JB update in coming months: Galaxy Tab 2.7.0 Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 Galaxy Note 10.1 Galaxy S II Galaxy Note Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus...
  15. A

    Buying in the next two days. Please help!

    After a lot of research and the need for a front camera in my upcoming Android phone, I have chosen the Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 I8160. Initially I had two in mind, the Samsung Galaxy S advance and this one. The former seems to have network issues according to many websites and that's not what I...
  16. S

    Galaxy ace plus or Xperia U

    Guys, need your advise. I sold my 5 month old HTC Explorer last night. Need to buy a new phone within a day or 2. I have a max budget of 16k and i cannot afford to go beyond it. I have shortlisted the Galaxy Ace plus and Sony Xperia U. I am more or less decided on the Xperia U but still...
  17. dx1

    Samsung Galaxy Ace 2...

    Anyone has any idea when this phone will be launched in India ...? It has been like ages since it was launched globally.....
  18. sandynator

    Need best Android phone below 13000 INR

    Hello Guys my cousin is planning to get his first android phone so need your expert advice. Yesterday he was at Alpha to get Samsung Galaxy ACE but I convinced him to wait till Sunday. Budget : Strictly under 13k INR He won't go in for Rooting, Custom Roms & other mods...
  19. Charley

    Soft Gel TPU silicon case cover for Samsung Ace & Universal Bluetooth Headset

    1. I need soft gel TPU silicon case cover for samsung ace. I searched, there are many, but sellers don't accept credit card payments, only paypal 2. I need a universal bluetooth headset to use on samsung ace and nokia c5
  20. E

    Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 vs Motorola FIRE XT

    Hi, I am looking for a Android phone. Till now I have shortlisted Motorola FIRE XT, and Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 Mobile Phone vs Motorola FIRE XT Mobile Phone: Compare Mobiles: Any recommendations ? Or other phone in similar price range ~10-11K
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