s/w that can copy whole site

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Guys I need a s/w that can copy whole website at one click with options such as specific files etc.I didn't found FlashGet and similars so efficient.


u can also use d HTTP spider feature in Free Download Manager

justr used it to do sum downloading of full web content last night turned out pretty well

u can also specify if u dont want to download a certain filetyp from d site (i excluded all d http files and img files ;))

piyush gupta

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Choto Cheeta said:
so how many have copied full Digit Forum or rather a dymanic site :lol:

can we download a dynamic site or forum completely?

i dont know so

and if yes then how.....

also can we update them dynamically

Choto Cheeta


thats the reason I am laughing :lol: as most of the Worthy web sites are dymanic, thats why they are worthy :lol: so, that made me laugh that how can one actually download a database driven frequently updated web site !!!

piyush gupta

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^^why not ask them to post website name which they wanna whole download :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

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dynamic sites like forums cant effectively b downloaded... as they r... dynamic :D
Can u catch dynamic forms like... light :D


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i hv been using webcopier 2 copy whole sites..
its a free s/w n very simple 2 use
also much better dan idm or ida....as i felt


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I used offline explorer once to copy the whole w3schools site.. Then exported it as chm.. Just 7mb
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