1. A

    nikon coolpix l 320

    is this a ok camera for a beginer-.also what cost can i get it at the cheapest in which website etc.i am just looking to replace my old sony cybershot-budget about Rs 10,000.0
  2. Chetan1991

    s/w that can copy whole site

    Guys I need a s/w that can copy whole website at one click with options such as specific files etc.I didn't found FlashGet and similars so efficient.
  3. S

    lot of POPups!I need help.

    when i turn my net on lot of popups come in time interval of 5 min it says "your pc is infected with 47 instances of spyware!" i have used all kind of antispywares.including adaware se,spybot search and destroy etc.i also formated my PC twice.but no use. I use pacenet(broadband service)...
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