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Restarts every now and then

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aneesh kalra

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I recently purchased a zebronics nvidia 6200 agp 256 mb card but since then my computer has started restarting after an interval of 15-20 mins during normal web usage and not gaming.I have reinstalled the drivers and the card twice but it has been of no use. I have also heard after purchasing this card that the 6200 overheats however mine shows a temperature of 48 and the shutdown threshold of 145 is this causing the problem.My psu is rated at 300 w and is maufactured by some adcom. Surprisingly the nvidia drivers which were provided with the card were not xp sp2 compliant.So I installed the 93.71 version of the nvidia drivers provided alongwith the Dec 2006 cd of digit.


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My suggestion would be to remove the Graphics Card and use the computer for 30 Minutes
Check whether it restarts.
Revert back with the result


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Looks like you power supply [smps] cant support all you hard ware. Consider getting atleast a 500Watts one.

---but first----

also try installing the newer nvidia drivers after removing the Optimising software that came with you card. I think its called "vtune".

Reinstall the drivers from nvidias site not from the cd.
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