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  1. D

    Refilling hp 802 black and colour cartridge

    I have a inkjet printer hp 1010. I want to refill the empty cartridges myself. Googling gave method for refilling of the cartridges but procedure to reset inklevels couldnot be found. If any of our forum members have knowledge of the procedure for resetting 802 cartridges kindly share at this...
  2. sanny16

    Refilling hp printer cartridge from outside

    Is refilling of printer cartridge safe? I have HP deskjet 2050 printer and hp 802 cartridge is used. I want to refill my printer cartridge from a local shop instead of buying a new cartridge.
  3. scavanger007

    Purchasing Printer

    Hello people, I m thinking of purchasing printer for home use. I have almost decided on Canon - MP 287 Printer. My budget is about 3.5k to 4k. So far the above mentioned printer fits well in the budget. I am also thinking of purchasing tricolour cartridge (XL size) with it which costs about...
  4. M

    Suggest a laserjet printer(refill friendly)

    My old canon mp160 cartridge is no longer looks strong.Even after refill unable to get prints.Properly doesnt know whether problem is with cartridge or with clog mechanism.So buying a new cartridge and if still the refilling have mess with clog mechanism will prove an expensive mistake. Since...
  5. Shibaprasad

    Should I go for Brother Printer?

    I need a all-in-one inkjet printer under 6k and I like some printers from Canon and Brother (Specially Brother all-in-one). But I know nothing about Brother's quality and service and also about cartridge refilling at Kolkata. So any one using Brother printer? plz help
  6. sujeet2555

    refilling catridge

    i am new to refilling catridge stuff.i have to refill hp802 small.the problem is that whether i should tape the refilling hole on top(there 3-4 hole on top) or should i leave them open. when i close them off with tape ink doesn't come out of the head.i get a blank page in printing.when i make a...
  7. J

    H70 Dillemma

    Hello Everyone, I had today purchased a new H70 cpu cooler in Rs.5000 and free shipping for my Rig refer my sig. So pls tell me. Is it need some maintanence or refilling . Pls answer I will post Pictures of that and my new mobo Sabertooth X58 which i purchased last month
  8. R

    Printer Ink Refilling Kit Chennai

    Where Can I get Injket Printer INk refilling kit in chennai along with ink bottles. Refilling at home seems a cheaper option. :grin::grin::grin:
  9. linardni

    Cartridge Refill...sahi process

    I own a HP 3420 model Inkjet printer. For refilling its cartridge I purchased an Amkette black e-fill Inkjet refill system. However the HP cartridge (HP 27) doesn't fit into the refill clip of amkette. Hence I refilled the cartridge by injecting ink into the vent below the sticker with an...
  10. ax3

    Refilling cartridges ! ! !

    i have an epson printer ... thinking of going 4 cheaper option ... as i dont use it everyday or every month ... Is Refilling ink cartridges for inkjet printer safe ??? anybody has tried it ???
  11. Satissh S

    ink cartriges vs Refilling

    I have a canon i255 color printr. It ran out of blak ink. Should i go for refilling or buy a new cartridge? :?:also note that a dealer nearby told he wod give blak cartridge for rs.150 , Don't remember its name (i tink it's epson). Help Please? :roll:
  12. K

    Inject printers refilling ink machine

    I would like to buy an Inject Refilling Ink Machine for our home use. Can you inform me which one is cheaper? Where is it available?
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