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Sami Hyypiä, LFC legend
Hi all
I need a bike for "daily" commute of about 80km (2-5 days a week ). It should be robust and fuel efficient. I am a n00b in biking, So kindly give your suggestions. Budget is 30k-50k (preferably below 42k).


Wise Old Owl
Shine is a good one. fairly refined angine and gearbox, plus good mileage.
But for 80km single stretch, i wud go with the unicon or GS150R, as both gives good riding sitting posture for long ride and gr8 mileage on highways bout 65+.


Sami Hyypiä, LFC legend
^ ^ ^
It's 40 km up and down each actually. Which would be better Unicorn or GS150R?
(EDIT: GS150R is way beyond my budget)
Also which has better service Suzuki or Honda?

As for Splendour, dont like its looks.

Pulsar I don't really want. Nothing wrong with it really but it's just so common nowadays... :p

BTW Sorry for this n00bish question but why 150cc bike?
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dá ûnrêäl Kiñg
^With 150cc u can easily cruise at 70~80 range without straining the engine....which is essential for long drives

GSR150 is better than unicorn, it has 6th gear,good mileage, more goodies like two trip meters..etc
It also slightly smoother than unicorn

In 125cc yamaha gladiator is has 5th gear


Sami Hyypiä, LFC legend
But GSR150 costs 60000+ right at least according to review (can anybody confirm?). That's way beyond my budget.
BTW reviews that top speed of Unicorn is 60kmph. :shock: Is that true?

EDIT: Looks like I should reconsider Pulsar. :oops:


According 2 ur needs unicorn is d perfect bike but considering cost shine is gud
And other 125 cc byks
Glamour : xcellent byk but looks too stylish
Stunner : hot height and cool perfect byk little costly
Bajaj Xcd135 : gud byk but nt many like it cheaper than others
Yamaha Gladiator : before buying any byk plz test drive this byk its awesome (i like it) .has no resale value.
I wud say better get 125 cc bcoz u wud b going lot far as u stated and powerlag wil make ur biking boring and painful.
If u cummute only in city then
Get a HH passion pro my uncle bought it yesterday gud byk looks cool and as hero honda its quite relaible
Best of luck
Ride safe


Wise Old Owl
it might be the avg speed :)
ive crossed 120kmph on unicon before.

In my place honda is horrible. U ll need to wait atleast 6 months for the bike delivery after booking. And service aint that commendable either.

my vote for GS.
Also have a look at touring spirit. :) dun know how its on road. If it has same gearbox/transmission as in FZ16/S , stay away as they aint for cruising. It ll cross 75k mark in price.

GS>Unicon>Gladiator>Shine>XCD 135


a.k.a VipER
Unicorn is a good buy as lot of my friends are owners of it and they have always given me a good review about it. I'm not so sure about the pricing though.


In the zone
If you are buying a 150cc Bike, i would suggest you to buy Unicorn, for its smooth Engine, mileage, and u don't need much of a maintainence for it.

I have been using Unicorn for the past 3 years and have covered a distance of 36000km. Still the engine is smooth, and i have not faced any issues with the bike. I daily travel 40km (20km one side from home to office).


Broken In
Pulsar I don't really want. Nothing wrong with it really but it's just so common nowadays... :p

BTW Sorry for this n00bish question but why 150cc bike?

EDIT: Looks like I should reconsider Pulsar. :oops:

I switched from a splendor to a pulsar about three years ago... there is no denying that these bikes were 'sweet spot' machines... hitting the right balance between cost, performance, fuel economy and looks.

Why is the pulsar so common? because it's GOOD... it looks nice, performs well and gives great fuel economy with its dtsi engine...

I may be sounding fanboy and i apologise for that but sales figures dont lie, and they are the best indicator of any commodities worth. Though Hero Honda remains the largest seller of motorcycles overall, the pulsar is the largest selling model.

I dont mean to imply other models are trash... its all about your individual priorities.

eg- if you consider fuel economy as the supreme consideration, by all means select a 100/125cc bike...the passion/splendor nxg/gladiator all are more economical than the pulsar.

On the other hand, if looks are most important to you... I say raise your budget a bit and buy a bullet, you may think differently... looks cant be measured unlike fuel economy, acceleration and price.

If you are really strapped for cash for purchase, a 100cc bike like Dawn/ Platina will serve you well.

Finally, for performance, it has to be 150cc or more...Pulsar, Achiever, Fiero, Unicorn are your options...

I , and the market, have found the pulsar to be a nice balance beween all of the above.

But of course, it's your money.

I can assure you I have seen owners vociferously defending their purchases no matter what. That proves that irrespective of what market statistics, critics, friends or people on message boards say... the best bike is always that which you ultimately buy with you hard earned money...

All the best.

I'm sure you must have seen this but nevertheless, a link>>>>Motorcycle comparisons


Be CoOl rAp RuLeZ !!!
FZ FTW period out of your budget but. Get stunner the black and silver version looks good :) don't get pulsar it is so common even my milkman has Pulsar 150 new edition :lol:


Wise Old Owl
Pulsar might be good, by i second with the krate's point. There wont be an attraction for a too common bike.
When i bought my FZ 16, in the first week of its launch itself almost a min of 10 people used to ask me feeds every day and almost everyone on road was staring at it.
You can have the same if you go for Fazer, in sacrifice of mileage. I get a pathetic 35~40KMpl, but its ok considering my kind of rash driving.

again GS>Unicon>Pulsar>Fazer.
but all are above the budget. You have to stretch it by 15~20k.

If you are stict on budget
shine>Gladi>XCD new 135


Sami Hyypiä, LFC legend
I don't much care on looks. As long as it looks OK it's fine for me.
I have shortlisted on Gladiator, Shine, HH Glamour, Unicorn, Pulsar, GSR150. (I really have to increase my budget for latter three, let's see what can I do [:D])

I am currently leaning on Yamaha Gladiator, but how is its service? In Delhi and Gurgaon, I mean. Also are the auxillary parts readily available for it?
Also I don't want a bike that needs high maintenance.


Slideshow Bob
^ Unicorn FTW!! It will suit your needs very well, if you can just increase your budget by a few more grand! :p

The riding position is very comfortable, ideal for those long commutes. It has enough power and also delivers decent fuel consumption figures. Maintenance ain't a problem either - the Honda badge is synonymous with quality. The parts are not that expensive and there are lots of service centers all over the country. The latest version has fixed several problems from previous generatons of the Uni.
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