1. A

    redmi note 4 launching date

    anybody kindly updates when was redmi note 4 launchen in india??
  2. K

    Need Business storage

    Hi, I need a business storage urgently and i need a minimum of 16Tb Kindly help me Asap.:sweating_NF:
  3. K

    Apple iphone 3g usb cable

    Hi Guys, The original USB CABLE OF APPLE IPHONE3G MODEL is Rs.1500/-. Is there any cheap and best quality one available on online or at resellers? Kindly provide me with your details.
  4. S

    Tablet within 8k

    I need a tab for just reading and movie watching purpose with USB support within 8k. Kindly suggest me a good one. Thanks in advance.
  5. B

    Logo needed

    Hi Guys, My friend has opened a new shop, Aaron Agencies. He needs a logo somewhat like this View image: Screenshot 2016 01 19 16 21 33 With the alphabet A's design like this View image: AA I request members who are good in editing to kindly design a logo like that. Thanks
  6. B

    Device to connect pc with wi-fi

    Hi Guys, I am using an old pc at home. It connects with the internet via lan cable. Could you please tell me the name and make of the device which is value for money and which can be used to connect this pc with wi-fi? I am using Win XP. So, kindly suggest a device which is easy to set up. I...
  7. I

    Looking for mobile app developers (students only)

    i need students who are good with mobile app development for a company operating in Africa. I have checked online but not been able to get any reference. Kindly provide a referral or let me know if you fit the description
  8. int86

    choose LCD TV for me micromax or philips

    Help me to choose amonge following TVs for me: Micromax one: * Philips one: * videocone ...
  9. ajayritik

    Need suggestion on best SD Card 32 GB to be used with Sony Z1 Mobile

    Guys I need to get hold of a 32 GB SD card for my Sony Z1 mobile. Mostly need it to store songs and to get rid of the problem with insufficient space while taking lot of videos or pics. Can someone suggest which make and which Class to go for? Recently I bought Strontium which was good...
  10. D

    Printer Problem

    I am using HP D2460 and D1010 printers. While the HP 1010 prints pdf files as it is seen on the screen (WYSWYG) the HP2460 does not do. There is overlapping of lines on the printout. I am using Windows 7. Kindly help.
  11. H

    [PS4]Active GTA V Players/Crews

    Hi, Looking for active GTA V players/crews on the PS4 to do mission/heists/races/general BS. If you are an active player, kindly leave your PSN ID below and i'll add u. Thanks! ~N
  12. mikael_schiffer

    Got CHEATED by HP Service Centre. Stole my RAM, what else have they tricked?

    So i finally got back my HP G6 2005ax which i had given for motherboard replacement way back in July 2014. Unfortunately, my brother went to pick it up and he didnt check the laptop at the service centre. When i finally checked the laptop... 1) The entire hard disk content is different. There...
  13. R

    32k max laptop for Light Gaming , virtualization

    Need laptop suggestion for a friend 1) What is your budget? 30-32k 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? any , higher the bette 3) What are the primary tasks you will be performing with this notebook? HD movies , vmware ( server 2012 +win8.1) (might...
  14. T

    New HDD required.

    Purpose - Media Storage such as HD Movies, Songs, Other Video files. Capacity Required - 2 TB or more Budget - Rs. 7500 My PC Config is in the Signature. Kindly recommend. Currently Split between Seagate baracuda & WD Green.
  15. I

    Please answer

    Kindly tell me if I can share a lan internet connection in my room over wifi through a router?? If yes, then how??
  16. S

    Gaming laptop below 70K

    1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) Strictly below 70K 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? Mainstream; 15" - 16" screen I would prefer a FHD screen but it is not a deal breaker. 3) What are the primary tasks will you be performing with this notebook? I would...
  17. E

    Queries about future in cyber security

    Kindly close the thread.
  18. g_goyal2000

    Which laserjet MFP is better?

    I need to urgently buy a Laserjet Multifunction printer for SOHO. I have finalized 2 printers based on my budget: HP Laserjet 1136 MFP HP Laserjet M1005...
  19. kool

    ►► Urgent help needed!! I want to buy this Netbook from flipkart for Rs.13k [ASUS 1015E]

    hey Guys, I've one day left to buy this netbook, previously i wanted to buy a nexus tab. But i think 7" tab is very small for me, as I'm already using 4.5" Android cellphone. So kindly suggest me is this good decision to buy this netbook instead of tab ? My req: Web browsing, facebook...
  20. R

    SMPS suggestion

    My old FSP Saga II 500W smps died today, after working for 2 years 9 months kindly suggest new smps 1)System specification are Motherboard. : M5A97 R2.0 Processor : AMD Phenom II X6 1055T Monitor : Benq G2220HD 22 , Cabinet : COOLER MASTER Elite 310 Ram : CORSAIR (2+4+4)GB 240-Pin...
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