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  1. D

    Monitor with USB

    Hi, I am planning to buy a monitor and curious to know if there are any with USB ports which can play pendrives or HDD directly? Please suggest.
  2. mrinmoy

    Transcend service center in Kolkata

    Can anybody tell me, where is the service center for transcend pendrives? I googled and most link says Accel Frontline. I called them and they says that they does not give service for transcend pendrives. Also there is no info in transcend India website.:-x
  3. F

    OTG Questions

    Hey all, I just ordered a Moto G 8GB module.. I couldn't wait for the 16 GB because i've been waiting till December and 20 days more is too much.. I wanted to ask a couple of questions as I need to use as less space as possible on the 8GB. Q.1) Can you install apps/run apps from a...
  4. N

    how to remove write protection from pendrive

    how to remove write protection from pendrive ...my sandisk cruzer blade 8gb pendriveand its in ntfs format and it automatically gets write protection from a virus in my computer ....i tried editing registry and all the formating tools and cmd and linux ..what to do with my pendrive please to...
  5. K

    USB HUB 2.0 problems

    i have a usb hub 2.0. whenever i connect pendrives to it and transfer files, speed gets reduced to 1 mbps, while the actual speed of my pendrives are 7 mbps, i dont know what is the problem, i have tried on friend's computer, but same result, also a messege is showing, "this device will work...
  6. I

    pendrive not detected any system even other pendrives are detected.

    dear Friends, my kingston pendrive suddenly not detected by any system and laptops.i tries in different systems and laptops where other pendrives are able to open.can please suggest what should i do...plz indu
  7. G

    Pls help..Problem with pendrives..........

    Hello all !!! Recently my pendrive (Kingston data traveller 8gb) speed got downgraded to usb 1.1 speed i.e; i used to get read/write speeds around 22MBps but now i am getting speeds b/w 5 to 9MBps. I have tried using this pendrive in many systems, but of no use. So i presume that its a...
  8. saras

    Read only lock for Pendrive

    Hello pals, i own a 8GB Transcend pendrive. I am happy with the product but the thing is... i am afraid to use it in other systems since i dont know whether those systems are infected or not. And there were situations when i carried my presentation in the pendrive and the moment i inserted in...
  9. NewsBytes

    64GB Pendrive Transcend

    With 64GB pendrives around, carrying a quarter of a million books in your pocket is no longer a crazy dream. Pendrives have been shrinking in size and increazing in capacity for quite some time, and for now atleast, 64GB is the biggest you can get. Just to give you an idea of what you can do...
  10. goldie999

    EXPLORER.EXE problem

    Hi Frnds..... Pls help me wid this problem..... I just cant access any folders and/or files from the dvd,cd and any removable disc like pendrives. An error like "the referenced memory location cannot be found...EXPLORER.EXE and APPLICATION.EXE error" Later when i again access those folders, it...
  11. mobilogist

    how to use the pendrives as ram in vista?

    some body told me earlier that i can use my pendrives as ram in win vista, is it true? if yes then please tell me how, as i will have to upgrade my pc & want to buy the ram. if pendribes do fine i replace the idea for buying ram. :)
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