1. K

    Folder lock

    Hi Guys, I have a BUFFALO EXTERNAL HARDISK. I want to make a FOLDER on the hardisk and lock and unlock the folder using WINDOWS7 ULTIMATE. How to do it?
  2. lovedonator

    Adware on my android. Help

    I have a Moto X Play, not rooted, and since yesterday my lock screen has been replaced by 'DU Quick Charge' Lock screen which is basically just adware. There is an option to disable it but it doesn't work and it always comes back. I searched about it and it seems there are a few apps which have...
  3. K


    Hi Guys, What is the way to set a very secure password to lock and unlock WINDOWS7 ULTIMATE?
  4. M

    is it a hardware issue -Capital N not working

    in my toshiba laptop keyboard,I am not able to type capital "N" normally,except by pressing capslock,i.e only when caps lock is on.I have no problem with other letters. windows 7 is the os. the laptop is only less than one year old.
  5. bajaj151

    Prevent bike theft.....How?

    I heard people using disk lock, chain lock, xenon security system etc.. Please suggest....
  6. F

    Best Screen guard for the Mobile available in India???

    Hi I recently purchased a Z1 and the Scratch Guard i put on it suxs big time!!!!! You can See all the Finger prints clearly ( my sister came to know my lock code coz of that) and gets too many scraches :( Which1 is good? and were can i buy it from
  7. N

    Lock utorrent

    Hello friends, here is a wierd problem i have come across at my college. We use utorrent to download files .. but somehow people come and delete the files alltoether. Is there a way of torrent client with LOCK feature in it. Any suggestions are welcome ! thx
  8. S

    Region wise lock in Samsung S4

    Hi, One of my friends purchased a S4 from Middle East to use in India. He never used the phone until it reached here. After putting an Indian sim , it is asking for a unlock number [The sim is not having any PIN number. It was working fine in another phone.]. I came to know that Samsung started...
  9. Charley

    What is this SOFTWARE

    I've attached a screenshot of a software, located on the 5th from the right or 3rd from the left. It's the green thing with a lock I don't know what it is I haven't installed it. I ran the mouse over it, but it doesn't show the name. Please help
  10. reddick

    MMC Jack 'Locked' when inserted in Laptop slot .

    Hi Friends! As I've mentioned tht whenever I try to place d MMC jack, along with MMC, into Laptop , it gets locked automatically even if I did not lock it manually ... Due to which I'm unable to use Memory Card :( Please tell me how to avoid this ... Thanks a lot :neutral:
  11. ramakanta

    Lock The Internet

    Is there any procedure to Lock the internet . Please help me .. :oops:
  12. R

    Screen blinks randomly in my new Sony Tipo Dual

    I recently bought a new Sony Tipo Dual touch phone (just a week ago). I have password protected my mobile (i guess it's called screen lock). But the issue is, randomly after i lock my screen and keep the phone aside, the screen blinks, shows the cursor blinking where we enter the screen password...
  13. D

    Folder Lock & My Seagate :-(

    i have a 1TB seagate goflex external hard disk which i had encrypted with folder lock portable...dont know what struck me yesterday.i was trying to remove the folder lock encryption & instead of unlocking i deleted the whole drive & with it all my data of around 850GB...please help me get back...
  14. A

    Best FREE folder lock software?

    Friends..please suggest the best FREE folder lock software out there..i tried many of them and all disappointed me..please suggest some..
  15. TechnoHolic

    Help To Lock AMD overdrive

    How to lock AMD overdrive...?
  16. R

    Lock Folder Access without any third party software

    How to lock folders in windows without using any third party software? Step1: Open the properties page of the folder you want to lock. Step2: Select the Security tab at the top and click on Edit. If asked then give your administrator password. Step3: Change the check boxes of 'Read' and...
  17. R

    Phone with quick GPS lock

    I am in the market for a GPS device, but given the sophistication of current mobiles and the itch to try an android, i decided to buy a phone with an android. I tried HTC explorer and the GPS lock was fantastic, within 10-15 seconds, but since the phone doesn't have a compass, i am put off...
  18. curioustechy

    sudden shut down & no booting up

    While I was using my system immediately power supply failed & UPS too failed. Now once the power is restored, nothing comes on my monitor except 'no signal' .. CPU power led is on. NUM lock led is on but can't turn it off. I switched on 3 to 4 times but couldn't succeed. What can be done.
  19. rohit32407

    Locking Turbo Boost on i5 2310

    System Specs: Processor- i5 2310 2.9 ghz (Turbo Boost 3.2 Ghz) Mobo: dh61ww Intel RAM: G Skill RipJaws 2 x 4 GB PSU: FSP Saga II 500W GPU: ASUS GTX 560 1 gb Cooling: Stock cooling No extra cooling equipment added HDD: 1) Seagate Barracuda 500 gb 7200 RPM 3gb/s 2) Seagate...
  20. anandharaja

    Vb Code to lock computer after certain time.

    hi i want VB code to lock computer based on time set (like 1 or 2 hour). and also i want to lock desktop wallpaper. any one give code please.
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