[Complaint] Rahul ITWares - RMA Policy - Is this same for all?

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Can you please post this bill and earphone picture please.

will help a lot.


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mjeri posted on 13th July and your invoice bears the same date. Highly interesting!!!


Anyone who is doing any business in India he will be governed by the law of the land ..

Sales of Goods Act and Indian Contract Act are the governing laws when you sale things and breaching of warranty conditions by putting forward any arbitrary policy is a totally wrong .

If you are really getting cheated I urge you to file a complaint with consumer court at your district .It will help you not only to recover your expenses but also will bring an injunction against unfair trade practices by said firm.

PS:Free feel to pm me over legal aspects of this issue.


Frnds post the link of this thread into other forums like TE and erodove so the other people also come to know how rahul"itwares" lied to mjeri that pl30 is outof stock.
And i also agree that mjeri should go to consumer court. But spreading words against itwares is also necessary so itwares get punishment by loosing its sale
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