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Radio Fm??

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Hi guyz,
I was dumbstruck to listen to the amazing songs they play on FM around 8-10 in the morning. But I can't get the list. Somehow I managed to write the lyrics of one song in my mobile......"love shines baby.....bang bang bang". WTH :oops:

So does anybody know how to get the "list" of all the songs they play on the popular FM channels? I only need the list of songs they play around 8-10 am.



I dunno what they use. I'm talkin bt the few channels like 98.3, 103 etc. I want the list. Any idea how to get the list of songs played?


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which time slot any radio channel air`s OLD song [kkumar, lata, ash] ????


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RDS on a digital palyer, mebbe?? Atleast here in Banglore 2 stattions use RDS.

which two channels ani?I think only one channel(98.3,radio mirchi) uses RDS(full form please) in Delhi out of 10 or so available,i can see the channel name and all on my zune but not the song info or album art.


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Here in bangalore 104 Fever also uses RDS. But the problem is that its signal strength is not as good as others hence my phone automatically switches it off and falls back to Mono.

Album art won't be shown for sure! :p hehe....


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Motorokr has MusicID application. Just keep the phone near the speaker and it will give you artist name, album name etc. Only for english songs. I tested this for various songs and it didn't fail at all. But it cannot recognize anything apart from Hollywood music.


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thts y i love SE.... use trackid to get evrything about the song...and outside india.using playnow arena u can even download thw whole song at a cost...

and trackid recognizes not only hindi but evn bengali and tamil songs..[:D]
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