QWERTY + 3G + WiFi + Good Battery life under 20k



I'm looking to buy a new phone under 20k. The cheaper the better.

  1. Should have QWERTY
  2. GPS
  3. 3G and WiFi
  4. Any OS (android, symbian, etc) with basic apps such as skype, whatsapp, etc
  5. Good, NO great battery life.

All other features are secondary. I'm online at skype and whatsapp 24/7 and talk about 1-3 hours a day. I SMS about 50-100 a day apart from the texts sent through whatsapp and skype. I listen to music as well and therefore 3.5mm jack is a must.

I would like to have a phone from the mainstream company and not those of rebranded chinese handsets like Micromax or Karbonn.

Thanks :)


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I believe its q10 not b10... And it will definatley not be under 20k.. But yes maybe after the launch of q10 the price of other blackberrys may come down!

Q10 will cost 35k+.

B10 is a midrange BB10 with U10 and a couple of more mobiles. But no info on launch date. BB OS7 is history now though apps will continue to be available.


Well considering blackberry i will still say bb7 is good enough..mainly coz they dont bring new OS every year like apple and google is doing!
moreover i wonder how bb10 will be like on qwerty devices..as its already very confusing on a full touch z10..
bb7 compared to bb10 is still easy to use!
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