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Cheapest 3900x I found till now.

And 11600k is back in stock.
The i5 11600K doesn't seem as good of a deal as 11400 or even 11500. For 6 core CPU, R5 5600X is still better & much more efficient.

aby geek

Cyborg Agent
How would you rate this performance?
Are you guys excited for these chips since AMD promised them for the consumer market.

And what alternative do we have for the parts used in this build that don't come to India.


I am the master of my Fate.
Anybody in TDF using the 64Core ThreadRipper Pro ?

The 6 Core i7 of mine feels tiny in front of this behemoth CPU

aby geek

Cyborg Agent
^^you mean the 3995wx? But wasn't it only available through lenovo workstation p620? I don't think anyone would have bought that expensive a system. But I would also like to know if someone has built a rig using TR 3990x.
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