Procedural Textures: Gaming's Future

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One company's claim that its new texturing process will make games 70% smaller. That company is called Allegorithmic and the technology the guys there are developing is designed to keep texture quality standards as high as they are now, whilst making the size of the texture files 90% smaller. The key to all this? A little thing called Procedural Textures.

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RoboBlitz the first Unreal 3 game uses that method. Soon Blu-Ray and HD-DVD is off no use.


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Generating procedural textures needs good processing power, although .kkrigger may not be the best showcase of the procedural textures as denoted by the article that the math they are using to create the procedural textures is different than the one used in kkrigger still generating procedural textures will take processing power. On the other hand the funda of Megatexures is equally interesting which will be showcased in the upcoming id game 'quake wars' which gives the levels a more artistic approach , and the whole levels can be made without repeated textures(the Megatexture technology used in ETQW is primitive and the problems in the first gen megatextures tech has been solved in the new version of it and is being implemented in new un-named id game, but ETQW has the older version of it).
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