1. @

    Suggest me a beginner level telescope

    I wanted to buy a Telescope and had kept postponing. Now PayTM has a offer going on, about 40% off, which makes it a sweet deal. Looking for a beginner telescope. Can anyone suggest me something? It's mostly for astronomical viewing ( but terrestrial view wouldn't hurt. ) Don't need a smaller...
  2. jasku

    [For Sale] Msi 7970

    Guys, I am looking to sell my beloved baby, the MSI 7970 bought from a dealer at E, I have the scanned invoice dated 31/03/2012. The card is in good condition, no OCing at all, just played a few games, want to move to a smaller more efficient form factor. Link to images- 7970 - Album on Imgur...
  3. theserpent

    Divide Uttar Pradesh into four states, says Mayawati

  4. S

    Lumia 620 gets priced for Rs 15,200 on flipkart..

    finally the phone is here and its super cheap..also for those of you who think 1300mAh is smaller than that on 8S, according to most reviews it delivers more stand by and talk time..
  5. A

    What happened to the forum width ?

    I'm facing this problem while browsing through the forum.. the width has become smaller.. :( Any solutions?
  6. theserpent

    Is Your TDF looking smaller from yourside?

    Hey guys..The whole layout is appearing smaller today :/
  7. S

    converting HD videos..

    i have some big HD videos can i convert them to smaller sizes without losing much quality!!!
  8. ithehappy

    Best Compression method in WinRAR?

    As the topic asks, can you guys tell me the best compression method while compiling a file with WinRAR. I am trying to compress a 800 mb .MKV file with 'Best' method but it becomes 799 mb. Is there a way to make it smaller without touching the quality of the original file? Thanks in advance.
  9. vickybat

    Sillicon may get replaced for indium-gallium-arsenide in chips

    3D III-V Transistors Could Enable Lighter Notebooks Yup guys, scientists say indium-gallium-arsenide has superior electron flow resulting in smaller and efficient chips. Read the link for more detail.:)
  10. Cool Buddy

    hacked site (not my site)

    I saw this in the morning today: I was browsing this forum and clicked a link for ep630's price and stumbled upon this. I should have posted a smaller image, but the size is just 86KB, so no worries
  11. Chetan1991

    Win 7 screen wont stretch

    The name of the thread says it all. I have windows 7 32 bit ultimate. I have latest ver. Of catalyst + drivers installed for the gfx card. Everything was fine until a few hours ago when i opened a game and it opened in a small screen in the centre. I closed it and changed the resolution to a...
  12. cooldude666666

    dell xps 1645 not displaying on full screen at low resolution

    I recently purchased a dell studio xps 1645 laptop and i am not satisfied with the display. the default resolution as on an lcd is the maximum i.e., 1920x1080 pixels. Now at this resolution, Its very irritating to work as things appear to smaller and smaller... when i try to switch to a lower...
  13. lahratla

    Problem with Xvid Aspect Ratio

    I have several DVDs which are converted into Xvid format. I want to watch them on my CRT TV with my standalone DVD player. However, even if I use 4:3 aspect ratio and resolution like 640x480 or 352x240 that are not widescreen format (I used smaller resolution as I want the file size to be...
  14. 4T7

    Toshiba, IBM and AMD develop smallest, most stable FinFET SRAM to date

    Toshiba, IBM and AMD have announced the joint development of a new SRAm cell with an area of only 0.128 square micrometers. "SRAM cells are key components in integrated circuits and are an important technology metric in the semiconductor industry," Jeff Couture of IBM said. "This highlights...
  15. Y

    The troubleshooting about using N73

    The troubleshooting about using N73 1.Why is the reaction speed of my phone becoming slower and slower? When you install SISX file or JAVA file, if no special instruction, preferably install it into the SD card. Otherwise, once too much memory space is taken up, it will cause the slow...
  16. MetalheadGautham

    My New Blog - The Smaller Bang

    I am a web designing n00b, but I finally had the guts to decide to start a proper blog. Its titled The Smaller Bang, and its hosted in blogger. Please tell me how it is and please give me tips for its improvement. * I have posted only 3 posts till now, and my...
  17. a_k_s_h_a_y

    Sony Ericsson is going back!

    Sony Ericsson is going back! Hello, I don't know what makes Sony Ericsson go back with their mobile features and quality, and also they just make the same phone many times again and again with different covers !! 1- SE had the most powerful mobile speakers, they were very loud and clear (P800...
  18. dhanusaud

    S60 Theme creator

    Does anybody know any offline theme creator for S60, which support both S60 V2 & S60 V3? I mean smaller, faster & easier & not online.:)
  19. codename_romeo

    Help regarding DVD writing needed

    If i have to burn a dvd iso of size 4.76 Gb. How do i burn it on a single dvd???? Apart from compressing the dvd image to a smaller size. Please reply . Its kind of urgent...... thanks in advance
  20. ajayritik

    How to split a VOB file into smaller size?

    Can someone suggest a software to split a VOB file into smaller parts? I got one such software from the net but that is not so intuitive. I need a software like VCD Cutter in which we can preview the file and then cut or split it at a particular scene rather than splitting it without knowing...
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