1. true_lies

    Weird Textures in Crysis 3 and Farcry 3

    Getting some weird Textures in both games. Images attached along with settings. get 25-30 fps in both games on an average. Specs in my sig. Gpu (stable overclock 840/1040 from 775/950) runs at 100% and cpu ~ 75%. latest AMD drivers (13.12) Temps never went above 60 for both cpu and gpu...
  2. chandan3

    Gta 4 with mods

    can i run gta 4 ulimate texture mods,i hv laptop os- win7(64bit) gpu- nvidia 630m ram- 4gb these r the mods GTA-Downloads.com » GTA IV Ultimate Textures (GTA IV)
  3. aal-ok

    Free running game problems

    Free running game is not running properly i am running it using swift shader is there any way to run it using 3d analyze as by using 3d analyze it crashes on loading but runs fast and textures are good please help these are the textures i am getting with swift shader
  4. faraaz

    Tweaking Beryl Extras

    Okay, I have a small problem. I was fiddling around with Beryl the other day on my brand new Sabayon install, and found those Snow effects and what not. I thought "Meh...big deal"...but then I saw this video where the guy was getting that Matrix code to scroll down...and I KNOW he's doing it...
  5. iMav

    dynamic textures

    me have been using slax for some time and hv been trying to run games using wine ... but the problem is installation of my gfx card .... its nvidia .... i dwnldded the drivers from nvidia and installed them but still when i try to run the games it gives and error saying tht ur vdo card or...
  6. subratabera

    Procedural Textures: Gaming's Future

    One company's claim that its new texturing process will make games 70% smaller. That company is called Allegorithmic and the technology the guys there are developing is designed to keep texture quality standards as high as they are now, whilst making the size of the texture files 90% smaller...
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