1. M

    Can i get an average of 30fps in GTA EFLC with the following config ?

    processor:AMD phenom II X4 955 black edition Ram:corsair 4GB ddr3 GPU:Gigabyte radeon HD5770 1GB GDDR5 AT the following settings: resolution:1440x900x75 hertz texture quality:high reflection resolution:very high water quality:very high shadow quality:very high night shadow: off view distance:0...
  2. soumo27

    Metro 2033

    Started with 2033. Amazing Graphics. :shock: Playing on DX 9 . Texture quality Very High. Should I switch to DX 11?
  3. ayushman9

    GTA 4 not allowing to increase graphics settings

    I have a pc config as shown in the signature . Now after a lot of hair tearing exercise finally i was able to install. However the game was not allowing to increase me more than 800 * 600 , also the texture ,rendering was set to low and it was not allowing me to increase further...
  4. eggman

    Top 10 Disgusting Foods[WARNING:IMAGE HEAVY]

    Top 10 Disgusting Foods 10 - Kopi Luwak 9 - Ox Penis 8 - Bird Spit 7 - Caterpilla Fungus 6 - Rats http://in.today.reuters.com/news/newsArticle.aspx?type=entertainmentNews&storyID=2007-07-16T104424Z_01_NOOTR_RTRMDNC_0_India-284941-1.xml 5 -...
  5. sharma_atul85

    missing texture

    frns i recently installed cricket2007......everything works fine except that "missing texture" in red color is written all around....whether on uniforms of players or on audience....this way game looks very bad ...what to do?? is it due to graphics card??? plz post working solution..
  6. subratabera

    Procedural Textures: Gaming's Future

    One company's claim that its new texturing process will make games 70% smaller. That company is called Allegorithmic and the technology the guys there are developing is designed to keep texture quality standards as high as they are now, whilst making the size of the texture files 90% smaller...
  7. N

    software to improve the game texture and pixel

    suggest some software which can improve the game texture .
  8. P

    enabling AGP texture acc.

    my system is: p-4 2.26 GHZ 128 MB DDR RAM intel 845 motherboard i'm using XP , when i opened DIRECTX( v 9.0c)i found dat AGP texture acceleration was disabled, pls can neone tell me how to enable it? thnx 4 hlp
  9. D

    What is VSync and Texture Filtering

    Hi guys :) Can you please explain me what the following terms mean? VSync Texture Fitering Anisotropic Filtering
  10. NikhilVerma

    Wood Texture

    Difficulty Level : Medium Photoshop CS You will find some tutorials for making wood texture over the net. But this one is slightly different and provides better results. Start off with a file 600*600 pixels and white background. With RGB color setting. Goto Filter --> Render --> Fibers...
  11. H

    Comment on my new system(plus query)

    Hi! I recently(27th Jan) bought a new assembled computer: Athlon 64 2800+ MSI K8M Neo-V motherboard seagate 160 GB pata hdd creative 5200 5.1 microsoft keyboard+basic optical mouse philips monitor(107E5) Sony dvd-cdrw combo ibox grabit cabinet (300 W) XFX Geforce 6600 GT (agp 8x)...
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