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Problem with Viewsonic VX1932wm LCD

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those two reviews don't cover rtc errors. some reviews are more in-depth than others. if people were to believe some of the vx1932wm reviews out there, they may think it's a good monitor. but some of us painfully know otherwise.

anyway, good thing with samsung monitors you have the option of using RTA. turn it off and the rtc errors are gone. but you have to keep turning it off everytime you turn on the monitor.


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thanx drafter for ur help, really apricieate it:)
just ordered it for Rs.14950.
really excited now............
thanx every body for ur help....


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Hey guyz,
HP w1907 is around 17K!!!!!
and Dell E198WFP is 16K + (higher taxes in Karnataka)

and, i don't know watz going on with my "refund" issue..
VS customer care SUCKS :mad::mad::mad: (more on this later)

Thankfully, my dealer said.. he could give me a Samsung Monitor replaced with my ViewSonic.

So, is Samsung 940BW ok? Read it to be 4ms (Gray to Gray).. i'm supposing that with this a small response time, there would be again RTC errors..
Please suggest me a Samsung model..(19 inch widescreen)

Thanks in advance..

PS: Today is the worst experience i had with a customer support.


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just cancelled my order:(
no 206BW avalable, only 206NW is avalable which does not have a DVI port and evey thing is the same.... but w/o dvi port no sence of buying a lcd...
im again there where i started..
by the way HP 1906 is avaliable for Rs.16000..


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Hi friends..
Met my vendor just now..
He said, he would arrange any monitor as a replacement for my ViewSonic :)
Now, I'm back to the hunt again..


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Why dealers here in Bhopal saying that Samsung 206BW is not avalable in india but only 206NW which is same as 206BW but it only lacks DVI port.
what do u guys say
Samsung 206NW Rs.15000 - 20" looks sexy good feature wise but lacks DVI port, or
HP W1907 Rs.17000 - 19" looks ultra sexy good on feature, got DVI but expensive... is it worth 17k???
What to do guys, pls help yaar....
any other monitor under 15k to 16k who looks killer and are good feature wise???
pls guys help............
Ps.how is viewsonic vx2255wmb and what is its price???
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After a reading a bit from www.tftcentral.co.uk
I decided to look for the following in an LCD
1) Better to avoid an overdriven panel (a Response time spec measured in grey-to-grey mode (G2G) is almost sure to hav RTC associated with it)
If the monitor has RTC, is there a way to disable it?

2) Better to have a Dynamic Contrast Ratio (more contrast ratio indicates better black levels) - this is what I remember reading on the site...plz, correct me if i'm wrong.

I couldn't find a monitor without RTC and with Dynamic contrast ratio!!
Well there is Samsung 206BW..has DCR and also RTC (but don't know if RTC can be disabled in it!)

I'm considering,
ASUS VW192T - 5ms/800:1 (has DVI-D but no HDCP)
Is a contrast ratio of 800:1 good enough, for movie playback??

@nishant: I read somewhere that the HP w1907 monitor is wonderful when used with a DVI input.. consider this too!
Some pics are here of the lovely glossy screen:

Someone, please tell if RTC(overdrive) can be disabled in the Samsung 206BW.
(xbitlabs' review mentioned that the RTC error on this monitor is high!! and hasn't said about any hidden menu or RTC disabling)



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hey vinay

on rtc errors (based on xbitlabs reviews)-- 206bw > 931bw > 940bw. i haven't read any user complaints of rtc ghosting in the 940bw. likely RTA can be turned off in 206bw. it be odd not to have the option when its 19' and 22' cousins, 931 and 226, have it in their regular OSD menu.

check out the 932gw. it has a glossy screen, man--and should be much cheaper than the HP. some people don't like it though since it does not look like a regular LCD monitor. plus there's no real feedback or review on it, even in forums. if you could wait a bit for actionable feedback or if you can audition it first, then this might be a good glossy monitor to get.

as to contrast ratio, here's what the anandtech LCD thread has to say about it:
This is a spec you should probably ignore, because it's often inflated (especially with TN panels). Although, extremes can indicate a difference in panel technology, or that one panel has dynamic contrast. A dynamic contrast measurement is sometimes denoted with the "(DC)" suffix or "DFC" prefix. Some manufacturers offer real and dynamic contrast figures, both of which are usually inflated.
between having dcr or not, i'd go with having one, but it's not an overriding consideration. this seems to be the trend with newer LCD models, together with RTC. LG has non-rtc models with dcr. their dcr is called 'digital fine contrast ratio'. they follow a naming convention with rtc models, suffixing a Q on the model--e.g., L196WTQ uses a 2ms overdriven panel.

update on my vg1930wm

i've talked with another vg1930wm user, trying to confirm what seems to be a problem with rgb color settings. very odd behaviour to say the least, but the rgb settings work the same way with his. manually setting rgb in vx1932 didn't work that way. i'm thinking it may be a flaw in vg1930 firmware design or one of them manufacturing batch defects again from viewsonic.
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Hi drafter,
thanks a lot man..

The problem here is, we don't have all the models (in case of Samsung and LG) in India!!
As far as I know, Samsung 932GW hasn't yet been released here!
my dealer said that even the samsung 940BW isn't available in the Indian market. And, the 206BW has been listed in the samsung-india website. Hopefully, it should be present.

Shall ask my vendor if there are any LG models present with Dynamic contrast ratio.

I hope you get your VS problems resolved soon and get a peace of mind.

PS: Any comments on ASUS VW192T? (couldn't find an objective review!)


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can't find comments on the asus vw192t. i'd check out the LGs. i cannot say wholeheartedly to get an LG only because i haven't tested one. but based on feedback and reviews, i'd say they're rather safe choices.

according to anandtech lcd thread, their L226wt and 226wtq (firmware v1.14 and above) are better than the samsung 226bw (AU or Chi Mei panel). only the 226bw with the samsung panel looks better. it's hard to come by these true samsung panels (not to mention it's now hard to tell w/o opening the lcd housing), but if you're sure of one, then get it by all means.


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Dude i haven't read the whole thread (lack of time) but just seeing the "Chi Mei" above, i 'de say try CMV also.i own a CMV LCD for almost more than 2 years and believe me its really awesome and it has an excellent services at service center and also its also reasonable priced.
If u are from new delhi then u can check their showroom at Nehru Place. I 'de suggest CMV rather than LG or SAMSUNG.


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Guys what about LG 194w (19" wide screen )
with dvi input and HDCP.
it is 10400 here at ahmedabad.
5ms response
2000:1 contrast ratio ( dont know its gray to gray or dynamic or whatever )
even i dont know it comes with dvi cable or not. will aks to my dealer today and inform you all.

Any reviews on this lcd ????? I want to buy one in range of 10-11k. This is my another choice instead of Viewsonic VG1930WM.

Pls share if anyone have it.



^^^ congrats on ur purchase...:)
hows the display quality as compared Viewsonic and other monitors?how much did ya get it for???


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I'll check out the LG LCDs..
the problem is there is no page on LCDs in the LG India website!

Hey Nishant..
Congrats on your purchase :) how much did you get it for??
Would love to see pictures of it :D


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Go for Dell LCD at cheaper rate, lower than quoted by Dell India Site/toll free number. Yes it's with Bill & 5 yrs Dell warranty. PM me if you need any.


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Also i forgot to mention that my CMV LCD is also having a DVI port too and also at that time it was the only LCD having 8 ms response time and runs both on VGA and DVI.


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hey thanx assasin and vinay, finally really happy to have it:)
ill give a complete review of it later, but for now i can say, its a stunner!!!!
Very beautiful Monitor:)
the shell(cover/body) is glossy piano black, really eye catching..
the screen is very beautiful, its glossy not mat like other monitors:)
the picture quality is Gr8 yaar,contrast is very good, its very bright but at the same time it does not hurt ur eyes and i just donloded some HD vids and played them on wmp11 and they looked awsome....

i found 3 negative points
1.No DVI cable Bundle:(
2.Only 1yr warranty:(
3.the only prob acc to me in the display is that its very viewing sensetive, for eg if u moved ur head little bit u will find change in the display,
but this is very noticable espically in white background...

overall the display is Awsome!!!

get it, u wont regret it...

and yes the price:)
i got it for Rs.14500 that time my gf was there with me, i think its her luck i got it so cheep, coz 3 days back the shopkeeper was giving it for 17k.
and yes,
she(my gf)also gave me 4k for this monitor, im a lucky guy :)

so guys thats it....


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congrats, nishant. :)

the 3rd negative is true of all TN panels. viewing angles aren't great. you have to be more or less seated straight on with the lcd.

if you can check screen or color uniformity, that be useful also. you can use the dead pixel buddy tool to eyeball the quality. first set contrast and brightness to 50. then run the freeware. use the tool to display several colors one at a time as full background. check for noticeably darker or brighter regions in your screen, especially on the sides and corners. ideally you'd want very little to no perceptible variation across the screen. you can use it to check for dead pixels too--these will be pixels that are not lit or colored differently from the main color. you can repeat the process setting contrast/brightness to 100.
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