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Quick Content List
  • Digit Magazine -- Mega Test Special
  • Fast Track to Linux Administration
  • Digit goes to Computex Taipei to get you the latest in tech trends
  • Mega Graphic card test Entry level graphic cards tested
  • Mindware and Playware DVDs

Features in the Magazine

  • Gaming peripheral test Some serious gaming mice and pads tested
  • WiFi router test We test the fastest wireless routers in the market
  • Blu-Ray players test We help you choose the best Blu-Ray/DVD player in the market
  • Mega Graphic card test 55+ entry level graphic cards tested
  • How Stuff Works: Decoding game engines Know how of what goes behind in making your favorite game
  • Bazaar Includes reviews on Samsung 1660 printer, Intel Core i7 875K, Plantronics bluetooth device and whole lot more
  • Fun with Flickr There's more to Flickr than just photo sharing. We show you how to add some fun to it
  • DIY Make your own laptop cooler
  • Agent 001 covers Internal Hard Drives
  • From the Labs Silent speech technology

Regular Features
Tips & Tricks Get handy tips on Mozy, SongSmith, Tabbles and more
Mobile Watch Closer look at Nintendo 3DS
Web Watch Google TV and its online You Tube editor and more...

DVD Contents at a glance
  • Mindware Video Tutorials - Autocad and Photoshop. Watch and learn through these simple step by step instructional videos
  • By Demand Lectures on Understanding Computers and the Internet plus software demanded by our community
  • Drivers and Essentials Collection of Drivers for Windows 7 plus other important drivers.
  • Loads of freeware apps Get your hands on 175+ Multimedia, System and Imaging apps
  • Operating Systems Fedora13, Clonezilla Live, Ubuntu 10.04 Netbook
  • Playware Musix 2.0 Distro. It's a free multimedia operating system intended for music production, graphic design
  • Gaming 5 Game Makers plus 15+ Open Source Games
  • Fun Short films and app created by our community
  • Entertainment 7 Music Albums, 2 Full Movies plus 25+ short films

Full list of DVD contents here and here
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Good contents :p

I'm being excited about the mag and disc contents - even more than June :p

FT on Linux admin is also nice.


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@ ravindarjobs - yep, i liked the june issue but I think I'm going to love the july month's mag even more :p

As of now waiting eagerly to grab a copy ......


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DVD will take somewhat 4GB and it must be in bootable format. So it's clear it's the CD. BTW why do you need DVD??? Do you use those extra packages??


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Waiting for reviews from u readers.....

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Ohh forgot,price of this issue ?
200 or 250 ?


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^^ I think it's Rs. 150 as it's a regular one.

For fedora DVD version would be just great as I really love to use those extra packages and it saves bandwidth and precious time :p


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@krishnandu sarkar : yeah i do use those xtra in cd version ....while installing some packages u hav to download lots of missing library dvd version this problem occurs very few tyms....

@topgear : completly agree with yew....m a dialup user...hav broadband also..but download charges r much high.

@azaad : thanks for the confirmation bro... :)


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What is meant by linux administration? I don't know how to use linux... But want to learn it eagerly due to being free... Even chose the unix tutorial at WILL THIS FT HELP NOOBS LYK ME TO LEARN USING LINUX PROPERLY? OR THIS IS SOME MORE IN-DEPTH THINGS?
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