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[Preview + Feedback] Digit November 2005 Magazine

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As usual, this is the Preview AND Feedback thread!

Digital Passion

Hybrid Horsepower
With technology playing a big part, cars are moving on from being fuel guzzlers and environmental hazards. Presenting the new breed of clean cars

The Computer Inside You
Will computing move from silicon to DNA? We take a look how today’s primitive DNA ‘computers’ work, and what the theoretical possibilities for DNA computing are

Booster Boards
The motherboard is the ‘basis’ of your computer—without it, no other component would work. We bring you 20 of the latest in a shootout that is sure to make you want to upgrade!

Double Or Nothing!
The latest in the world of computer graphics technology is multi-GPUs. So how do two—or more—graphics cores work together?

Digital Tools

Driving Data
Tested: 15 hard drives, with the best features, largest capacities, and at the cutting edge of hard disk technology. Go store!

Old Way Tech Way
With tutorials all over the Web for almost anything, is it no longer necessary to go to a coach for guitar lessons?

Order, Order!
Face it: you never find a phone number or e-mail address when you need it the most. Call it Murphy’s law or pure bad management. Check out how good personal information management can help

Agent 001
With the festive season here, Agent 001 gives you a lowdown on the best buying options for camcorders—so you can capture your memories for posterity

Digital Business

Insecure At Work?
In today’s wired world, security is of the utmost concern, especially at the workplace. It is important that this fact be recognised at all levels of the organisation. Juniors and employees at the executive level alike need to understand how critical data security is

Is it better to advertise on the Internet before doing it on TV or in print? We collect some views of people in the know

The First Page
How did an Indian site manage to get on top of the search results for generic keywords pertaining to their business? Read on to find out. Hint: they brought in an SEO

Face Off
VoIP is here to stay. But is it better than traditional telephony? Would you implement
it on a wide scale across your organisation? Presenting two opposing views

Digital Leisure

Make A Difference... Online
Philanthropy goes online. No more excuses for not doing your bit for society

Tech Critique
* Tee off with Tiger Woods for the best golf game you’d have ever played… indoors, that is
* We take a sneak peek at the most anticipated sequel of the year to see just how serious Sam is (Serious Sam 2 Demo #1)

Fast Track To Essential Windows Tools

All this and much, much more of course...


Cyborg Agent
Gr8 contents this time in the mag. Where r the cd and dvd preview. I am waiting for them eagerly.


18 Till I Die............
Mag contents seem good but hey please don't ignore linx completely. I wanna see something of linux too.


Broken In
The Fast Forward book has two different paper qualities..

The first half is good and the second half is too bad.....

The packing is too huge, there are a lot of problems with it, cant travel with it unless we open it and throw it...cant put it in the bag unless you have a really huge bag, the packing also damages the Fast Forward book by the time it reaches the reader because too many people handle it

Digitall Charisma

The Topic Headers sure did tempt me. A quick glance through the articles and all ye Digit guys & gals got me turned on. Talk about "Tech Feed".

Dual GPU Graphics cards comparison, AMD vs. Intel, Motherboards, Hard Drives, Sony PSP....
Yet to read the articles fully, got tied up with work.
Digit rox again!!!

Thanx a lot to Team Digit for delivering my nutrition on time and that too a heavy dose.
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