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Just read digit today. Wonderful as ever. Hope you'll include webaroo web packs of your forums in next month's dvd.


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Nice issue! Really smart one! But I was rolling on the floor laughing when I read Mr. Rishi Srivatava's reply to the last question (Regarding source code of IE8).

One more thing, could you guys bring the Wild Wild Web section back???


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What is the use of providing Knoppix 3.6 when the latest version is KNOPPIX_V6.0.1 released on 2009-02-08? The same goes for K-Lite mega Codec pack. The latest is 4.7.5 whereas Digit is providing 4.2.5f released originally on October 20th 2008!!!!!

Will you please try to provide updated version of software if you are really interested in improving the mag? Only increasing the price is not really going to help, and the price increase should be justified not only by the quality of content of the print media but also that of the DVD.

If you are taking money please provide its worth.


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went through digit magazine of this month n was disappointed to not to see any good speakers in both 2.1 and 5.1 iwas looking a review on and comparision on Creative GigaWorks G550W...


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i havent recieved it till now ... looks like courier ppl also like this mag ...


The mag was good....but I am beginning to think of the old days when Digit wasn't on dieting..........I mean the number of pages have really reduced.......!And I buy digit mainly because of its magazine content....not even the theory of rewiews...(I am interested in the gradelist...that is the final result).......
So Digit please eat something.......a slim digit is not healthy...!!


Awesome fasttrack. And increase some more pages in digit & make it worth 150 bucks. I didn't mean to add some advt, but I wanted to say here is to add more content :)

Rajdeep Banik

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Hello, I have been reading digit for last two years though I am not a regular reader of the magazine. I buy digit only when I have saved enough money. Last month, I took an internet connection and found out that my XP is a pirated version. I would like to install Linux in my PC, but I have never used any version of Linux. I would be grateful if DIGIT releases a fast track about linux.


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shocked about 2.1 speakers review.. some of the speakers prices not updated and altech lansing vs4121 scores are too low when compared to umax..
i had the altec lansing vs4121 and i amazed about its deep bass and fantastic output even its price slightly higher than others.
but digit did not review this one and put the scores too low when compared to umax series.. i hear the output-difference between umax, zebronics and altec lansing at the time of purchasing of vs4121..
i think new readers might be misguided to buy umax for performance..
i dont know wat hap in digit reviews..


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I feel the mag has undergone a nice change in looks. articles are better than before too.
but the product test is not the same as before. i have old issues in which ports display '42 speakers tested', '39 cellphones tested' but now digit getting much less brands/models for comparison. last month PMP tests disappointed me and current issue speaker test is beyond explanation. com'on digit team, only 4 5.1speaker sets to test !!!!! and where is that big comparison table !!! ultimate bass test, ultimate treble test !!!!??????

i dont buy mags to watch its cover and looks. i buy for reading.

paper quality and binding also poor these days. past issues, when one holds, feels like hardbound book but these issues bend- no stiffness..



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Then what's MoH and GRID on Gaming section??
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