1. gdebojyoti

    Which Wordpress plugins to choose?

    One of my friends wants to create a website on Indian football news. He has a team of three. He wants to use Wordpress for it. What plugins (preferably free) are required for this? The site will have the following components/ features - 1. There will be multiple moderators (fellow team...
  2. G

    Mozilla to Adobe: PDFs don't need no more steenking plugins

    Source Pdf.js Pdf Viewer
  3. H

    integrating facebook in a website

    can anyone help me with integrating facebook plugins into a website? and is it necessary to have a domain to test the plugins? i have tried but am not understanding. thanks in advance.
  4. Le0nidus...ftw

    List Of Important Commands In Counter Strike 1.6

    Hey Guys sorry for this noob question but can you tell me all the important commands in cs 1.6:mrgreen::mrgreen: And also a list of important plugins [AMX]
  5. Worried From Bugs

    19 best plugins for Google Chrome

    Plugins plays major role in enhancing the functions of any browser. Here, i'm going to present a list of top plugins for Google chrome users. LastPass Google Translate QuickSearch extension Awesome Screenshot Google Mail Checker Eye Dropper extension Resolution Test Firebug Lite FlashBlock...
  6. T

    Plugins for Movie Player in Fedora 13

    I have Fedora 13 installed on my laptop. Whenever I try to play any movie file, through Movie Player, it gives me the following error. Movie Player requirs additional plugins to decode this file The following plugins are required: * MPEG-1 Layer 3(MP3) decoder * XVID MPEG-4 decode Do you...
  7. T

    how to use LCD monitor as TV

    friends, As lcd monitors are less expensive than lcd tvs , which lcd monitor supports dth connection as well as dvd plugins. Should be 22 inch , HD ready and with in budget 9-10 thousand.
  8. RCuber

    Best Javascript Framework

    Which is the best from your point of view? jQuery or Mootools or Ext JS? For me its jQuery, its simple and has amazing collection of plugins
  9. cute.bandar

    windows media player plugins?

    These are surprisingly difficult to find considering windows media player the default media player on millions of PC's. I found 2 plugins, one that adds global hotkeys and another that adds lyrics. Where are the rest of the plugins? I am sure plenty would have been created.Isn't there any...
  10. Cool G5

    Starting a new forum

    I'm planning to start a forum on my site. For the same purpose, I have selected Phpbb as the forum script. I have started reading up & searching the web regarding phpbb but still I have some queries. 1) Where can I get the high quality free phpbb3 styles i.e. themes/templates? I searched a lot...
  11. Krow

    foobar2000 noob

    I am experimenting with various audio players. I downloaded foobar2000 and was poking around only to be unable to find a shuffle mode. I tried looking for plugins but I couldnt find any(bit of a noob!). Also I need a plugin which would allow me to view items in the library by song(and not album...
  12. cluby

    OPERA 10 thumb tab

    In opera what i liked most is the new live tab thumbnails I have used opera for a long time before 1yr then moved to firefox because it gives u plugins to make ur own browser ,but some plugins of opera that can be replicated in firefox r not as good as in opera. I am a mass downloader &...
  13. Disc_Junkie

    Official Discussion thread for FL Studio 8

    FL STUDIO 8 I have created this thread for the discussion of FL Studio 8. It is the best version of fruity loops till date. It has got many DX 10 and VST Plugins which makes it a complete virtual studio for creating quality music loops. It has got 29 virtual synthesizers covering...
  14. S

    No sound in browser

    Hi frnds i have installed all flash plugins and related plugins but still iam not able to hear sound in youtube or from any other online video site..please its not playing in neither IE or FF...but iam able to hear songs which is stored in my harddisk please help
  15. T

    Firefox Plugins Can Help Conserve Power

    Researchers at SecTheory have come up with an interesting observation - they say that Firefox plug-ins like NoScript and Adblock Plus help in conserving power. According to the study, website elements that seem to consume maximum power even after the page has loaded are the Flash animations...
  16. S

    Windows XP live cd.... Hey Are you Gaurav ????

    I want to create windows XP live cd that has mentioned by some guy Gaurav in November 2007 article of "DIGIT". But yet i dont found BartPE plugins. Any one provide me those plugins so I can make live CD... if Gaurav you have read this now then please provide me those plugins . Please upload...
  17. S

    Winamp Plugins

    Dear All, I have downloaded the latest version of Winamp from their website. But observed that that music from Winamp if complared to WMP-II is not upto the mark. Can you please suggest me good plugins from Winamp (along with the download links) which makes the the sound quality of winamp much...
  18. NucleusKore

    OpenSuSE 11.0 & 11.1 Packages+Dependencies August 2008 AMD64

    Hi everyone I decided to compile and archive with multimedia packages as there was a request for the same. I hadn't done so before as I thought there would not be any demand (and I think there still isn't), anyway, for the sake of completion. I have changed my approach a little when compared...
  19. koolbluez

    Sleipnir - Firefox's got competetion...

    Sleipnir - Firefox's got competition... As if all's well & pretty up there. Firefox has been gobbling up Microsoft's share of the internet pie. Opera too has been hungry. The Japanese want their share now. Haven't they been everywhere already? :confused: The word's out. Sleipnir, the numero...
  20. gauravsuneja

    how to get and install new compiz plugins

    hello to all if u search youtube u will get to see so many new plug ins like Atlantis's ,cylinder,dodge ,3d windows ,anaglyph 3d plugin,freewins plugins. my question is where to het the newly released plugins for compiz and how to install them correctly i am noobie to linux so kindly write...
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