1. Faun

    Podcasts Thread V1: The art of storytelling

    A while ago I used to think about podcast as some sort of boring drivel about technology and other stuff. I mean who would ever prefer to listen when one can watch a movie about the subject ? That sounded not so interesting to me. Not until I got to hear the first podcast mastering the art of...
  2. panacea_amc

    << IPL opening ceremony!! >>

    just saw the openin ceremony of it rocked!! and guys, did u heard the ENIGMA song in there...i never thought enigma sounded so divine..
  3. jackal_79

    need help in selecting a headphone

    i need help in buying a good headphone.It will be mainly used for watching of my friends had bought a phillips shp 2500 sounded very good.It costs around 750 bucks.But is there anything better?.
  4. A

    which is the best music player

    which music player (s/w) sounds the best for you? I tried these on different sound cards, for get about the interface, to me real player sounds the best and I got the most natural sound.. what you guyz think... lemme know. Winamp with DFX is abit ok, but still sounds too bright for me. Itunes...
  5. eggman

    Better Sound Quality : In Walkman or iPods

    Well, before you(iPod fans) jump on me I would like to say that i've tried both. I own a w810i(Walkman Phone) and my room partner has a iPod. I've listened to both, an I would like to say that that w810i sounded much better.Wvwn an iRiver sounded better than iPod. All i wanted to say that...
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