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Plz Help Me Out-Config

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i wanna intel platform so plz temme few thins.
1.rite now goin for P4 3.0Ghz 2mb L2 cache so need suggestion bout de mobo which mobo?wont buy 915,may b 945 or 955 which one is betta and which company and wanna mobo which has gr8 feature?as it has ddr 2 so which companies ram and will 533 will do or i shud go for a 667 ram speed?how much is de price diff between 533MHz and 667MHz ram?for how much i'll get a DDR2 ram?shud i go for samsung 120GB sata or seagate 120GB sata?heard sum where dat samsung is really gud not sayin dat seagate is bad or sumthin but still.which GPU 6600 non-gt or 6600GT and which companies GPU?i kno dat 6600gt is far betta den non-gt but as i dun mind playin games at 800/600 resol.i m a GAMER so juz wanna kno will 6600nu will b enough for playin games like Doom3,Farcry...etc?which ups and how much it will cost me?
plz do temme as soon as possible.
dun 4get 2 temme de price of de thin u suggest.
thanx in advance.


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even 925series mobo is rare in India.Let me know if u find a 945 or 955 series mobo.Nd if u really get that then buy dual core cpu which is still to be launched in India


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sidewinder said:
even 925series mobo is rare in India.Let me know if u find a 945 or 955 series mobo.

damn rite ...


For an Intel platform Intel mobos are the best unless u wanna tinker around and do some overclocking. So I would suggest going for an intel orig. board if u r not going to overclock ur cpu or dont need some extra rarely used features. If u find an Intel Orig. 925 or 955 series board then definitely go for it but i doubt their availability.

So now your next choice is Asus , MSI , Gigabyte (I recommend Asus). Among these you can go for the following ,

ASUS P5WD2 (Intel 955 X ) (recommended)
ASUS P5LD2 Deluxe (Intel 945P) (recommended)
ASUS P5AD2-E Premium (Intel 925XE , Support only ddr 2 533 :evil: )
ASUS P5AD2 Premium (Intel 925X , Again supports only DDR2 533)

Gigabyte GA-8I955X Royal (Intel 955x) (very good board and not that costly too ) (highly recommended) (priced around 10k)

Regarding your other queries ,

:arrow: go for a motherboard which supports ddr2 667 mhz ram at the least. ddr2 533 is not recommended and is a bottleneck infact.

:arrow: Go for seagate 160 GB SATA NCQ or Hitachi SATA 2 drives (recommended) ... SATA 2 drives have hit d market and they cost almost d same so no sense going for SATA now. I read in this months chip that hitachi 80 gb sata 2 costs only 3k. WOW.

:arrow: 6600 non gt is gr8 if u dont mind playing at low resolutions as u already said. if u want higher visual quality then n only then opt for the 6600gt. i suggest a gainward vanilla 6600 for u. It will cost you around 5500-6000/-

:arrow: UPS everbody knows APC is the best and the most expensive. Go for a 800 VA UPS for your rig and if u can get APC in your budget then dont think of others. Else go for Numeric , TVS , Powersafe. Numeric 800 VA is available for 3550/-
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