1. B

    any reviews about nokia x1-01

    my friend want to buy this phone, can you guyz temme anything about it? is it good or not? n mainly what about battery back up?
  2. devilzdad

    is it worth buying N70???

    Why there is not much discussion on N70M in this forum ?? In this entire forum i found only three or four threads in which there is little discussion about N70.... guys plz give ur opinion abt N70M?? I heard dat it takes hell lot of time to open applications .......and also temme should i go for...
  3. D

    problem wit my sandisk player??!! any service centre in india!!!!???

    :confused:guys a e260 sandisk player i jus bought got dead...can u temme any authorised service centre....chennai or bangalore preferable!!!.
  4. eggman

    Need a HeAdPhOnE

    Hi I need a headphone.(Wired/Wireless) My buget is of Rs. 3-3.5K. Its better if it is of earbud type(like in Walkman Series Fones) Can I get a BOSE headphone in this range? Please temme the best headphone i n this range.I am a true audiophille so your best suggestion will be appriciated.
  5. T

    Estimate The G.Total

    hello m back buying a new pc pls temme the grand total with all componenets prices ---------------------------------------- PSU - ANTEC neo he 500 watts CABINET - Chieftec BH-02B-B-B GPU - Xpertvision/XFX GeForce 7900GS 256MB 256-bit GDDR3 TV TUNER - Powercolour Theater 550 PRO-E HDD -...
  6. Aniruddh

    Suggestions Needed... NEW RIG

    hiii.well one of my cousin is buying a new comp and his budget is around 50-55k excluding monitor as he has a 17'' monitor.he just want a intel rig for music,movies,GAMING,surfing etc etc.i hav really tryed all the weapons to convince him to go for a AMD platform but he just want intel nothing...
  7. Aniruddh

    Plz Help Me Out-Config

    i wanna intel platform so plz temme few thins. 1.rite now goin for P4 3.0Ghz 2mb L2 cache so need suggestion bout de mobo which mobo?wont buy 915,may b 945 or 955 which one is betta and which company and wanna mobo which has gr8 feature?as it has ddr 2 so which companies ram and will 533 will...
  8. Aniruddh

    Related 2 Intel

    heyy guyz... Well i need 2 ask few things.....Is 2.66ghz proc comes wid 775 soc wid Ht enabled for 915mobo?as far as i kno 775soc starts wid 2.8ghz but 2day i asked my vendor he told me dat der is LGA 775 2.66ghz wid ht available and comes wid asus 915 mobo bundled.so juz wanna confirm.can...
  9. I

    I want to know bout:Amd 3000+ 64 939soc and mboard 4 it.

    i hav a 3.0ghz prescott and intel865gbf motherboard dis config literally sucks,expensive but not worth it.hav a heatin problem and dun giv da performance at all,i m really fed up.so now i hav decided to go 4 a amd processor 3000+ 64bit 939socket.so i juz wanna know 4 which motherboard i shud...
  10. S

    Need For Cheats

    Hey everyone....Is there any place where I can find cheats for NFSU 2???? I searched for it for a long time, but still havent found it. anyone please temme where I can find cheats.
  11. F

    Which e-mail?

    Hey guys! I was on da look-out of a good email service provider. Hotmail sux! It can be hacked very easily! Temme some bout some gud email service providers - free or paid- no problemo, the d billing must b in INR.
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