1. angie

    LED tvs and service center support

    Hi, I am looking to buy a LED TV for my parents 32" (Full HD preferably). Since my parents live in a non-metro city, I want to buy from a company which has service centers available everywhere. Otherwise if something goes wrong, it will be a big hassle. Can the community please let me know...
  2. Desmond

    The Panama Papers - The biggest data leak on corruption in history.

    The Panama Papers have been in the news for a while now. Its a major leak containing information on people guilty of tax evasion, possession of illegal assets and black money. Source: Panama Papers - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedi References: The Panama Papers · ICI [live] Panama...
  3. quicky008

    Eligibility for jobs at reputed companies for people having less than 60% score in PG

    A friend of mine recently completed his MCA from IGNOU with an aggregate of 58% marks.He has over 70% marks throughout his academic career from 10+2 till graduation,sadly however he could not secure 60% marks for his PG course.Because of this he's really worried as most reputed IT firms demand a...
  4. kg11sgbg

    MICROMAX Canvas LapTab launched at an affordable price of Rs.14,999/-

    War amongst Indian companies will start on Hybrid(2-in-1 Tablets/Laptops). Micromax has launched the Canvas Lap Tab @Rs.14,999/- with very good specs :mrgreen:compared to IBall and Swipe and NotionInk Cain 10. Mind it I am never comparing with those of ACER/LENOVO/ASUS/DELL/etc.. which are a...
  5. kg11sgbg

    Smartphone to gift my spouse

    Which one will be the better buy :---> Micromax Canvas Turbo A250 Price in India - Buy Micromax Canvas Turbo A250 White 16 Online - Micromax : OR Redmi Note 4G Price in India - Buy Redmi Note 4G White 8 Online - Mi : Just want unbiased comments. Those...
  6. Desmond

    Can we trust game companies anymore?

    I was watching this video: * I learned that the way companies depict the games at gaming conventions serve to increase our hype for a game. However, in reality they give us unrealistic expectations from the game and makes us sore if they don't...
  7. ssb1551

    Career Switch!!

    Hi All, I work as Tech Support Engineer in 1 of the MNCs. I wanna move out from this field into Oracle DBA. I went to a coupla institutes in Bangalore & all of 'em advised me to use fake experience in order to get into CMM level 5 companies in DBA domain. Is there no other way than using fake...
  8. W

    New norms may make electronics costlier

    New norms may make electronics costlier - The Times of India if anyone is thinking about getting a laptop,tablet or tv then better hurry.
  9. Ironman

    A few Questions that popped in my Mind !

    #1) I am a Final Year Student. There are Some Companies recruiting students like TCS,IBM,Capgemini,CTS,Wipro,Infosys etc I want to know about these companies in a relative manner like "this better than that" in terms of the following a.Training (During first Few months) b.Pay Increase c.Chance...
  10. Flash

    Indian GFX companies losing creativity?

    I was shocked to see the below movie poster today morning, in newspapers.. Posters which i've grabbed, after seeing the above: Title is self-explanatory.. Are we really losing creativity? Our filmmakers are copying movies, that's a well-known fact. But, Gfx...
  11. Mr.Kickass

    Google planning Amazon drones' rival

    Source Really ? Then, lucky to have lived this century
  12. D

    Feedback: Lenovo Mouse. Worst ergonomics.

    I prefer atleast minimal ergonomics for mouse and keyboard so that they are helpful and not frustrating to use. I recently got this replacement kit mouse from lenovo. And the scroll wheel is just pathetic to use. Its hard plastic with no threads and just slips.. (see attached image). Wondering...
  13. lakeport

    Is doing an MBA after a BA worth it?

    I am in BA 1st year right now. I want to do an MBA after this so that i can get a good job. I wanna ask.. will i get admission into a good college and get a decent job after finishing MBA without any prior work experience and an arts degree? Any chance of getting placed in a foreign company...
  14. Skyh3ck

    New 32 or 64 GB pen drive !!! suggestion and offer

    hi i am planning to buy a new 32 gb or 64 gb pendrive to be used to create multi os installs like win7, win 8, ubuntu etc. and also store some files i have seen many pendrive on snapdeal and flipkart, there are many companies new companies with cheap price as compare to other companies are...
  15. shreymittal

    Mobiles, TVs to cost even more on rupee fall

    Rupee plunges again, opens at 65.22 vs US dollar Now its 65.70 vs US dollar Source
  16. W

    Biotech jobs and qualifications

    Entry-level role in biotech - USA Biotech jobs can include developing new drugs and therapies, creating tools for detection of new and/or existing diseases, analyzing pesticide usage within commonly grown crops, exploring alternative fuels for both commercial and residential application or...
  17. Baker

    Mechanical engineer fresher--- what to do next

    guys , this is for my cousin , he is 2013 passed out. and in his college all the campus placement happened for IT companies . so he is confused with how or where to start job search... can any one guide him..? Thanks in advance
  18. theserpent

    Need some help with Business Quiz

    Need some quick archives here,Can someone please give me links to all the founders,Current CEO,Chairman,Logos of all famous companies please?
  19. RohanM

    Google Reportedly Pays Adblock Plus To Not Block Google Ads

    It's a little bit difficult for companies to profit off of online advertising these days, especially when most Internet-savvy users are using services like Adblock to remove unwanted ads. According to German site Horizont, companies may be getting around this by paying off Adblock Plus. Among...
  20. A

    High paying IT(software) companies in India

    I have been working in a top Software Service company for 3 years and still couldn't get a salary of 4.5 lakh p.a. I have no aspirations of working onsite. I want to earn in India and I don't mind about the hours of work. I will be happy to work for even 12-14 hours a day if I get a good salary...
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