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Pluto ko Shani lag gaya.

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Good decision by IAU. Rather than adding 3, they removed one...:))
Pluto has always been weird....no big deal abt it


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Hey guys , what r u talking about????
What happened to pluto??? Is it no more the part of solar system??? Why???
Please explain.


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I need pluto back.. :( it was such a smallest baby of our solar system :( *goes on fast undo death to get pluto back* eats chicken fries as of now


-The BlacKCoaT Operative-
lolz.. what the the big deal.... we can even go to plotu yet...

and remember th planet has been removed from a list not from our solar system :)


Yeah whats the big deal? I doubt the aliens inhabiting Pluto give a care about this news. Besides, it's good for the next generation when they study geography.


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rohan said:
i have more things to worry about than a bread crumb some million miles away
Exactly rohan, so why were those guys at the place fighting over Pluto's 'status', thats the big question here :confused:


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Actually astrologers are happy since they never considered Pluto as a planet in the first place...they feel vindicated!

BTW Deconstructionist quite an amusing title "Pluto ko Shani Lag gaya".


-The BlacKCoaT Operative-
in a way it is right too. Everything needs to be standardizd and cataloged properly for the best use in the present and the future.

similar but actualy useless is the remaming of Uttaranchal to Uttrakhand... these guys never seem to stop. Even if nothinh else then think of all the govt stationary being waisted!!
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