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Please help.

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Right off the assembly line

My few of the problems are listed below.

My system specification is as follows;

AMD Phenom 9650 Quad Core (2.31 GHz),
ASUS M2N68-AM PLUS mainboard, 2 GB Ram,
Both WIN XP SP3 and 7 Installed.

The problem is that when i play a song in winamp, in output field of
preferences i had set the output device as
"Nullsoft Direct Sound Output v2.9d" [out_ds.dll].
I just click onto the configuration of the same field.

No matter i set the output device to
1.) Realtek HDA Primary Output
2.) Primay Sound Driver
I am not able to get the required Fading on the song. Why is it so ?

Is there any way to play the .avi or .wmv or .mkv or any video files backward ?

Is there any way to edit or see the stats of pagefile.sys and hiber.sys ?

Except for power utility is there any utility for setting the transparency and "On the top" functionalities for each window globally (setting being
restored after log off or restart for that window) ?

In Win 7, I cannot get the explorer icon onto the taskbar which i acidently deleted. I even tried to pin the C: or any drive onto the taskbar, but no effect.

Can you please shed some light on GIMP software (tutorials, Videos etc. [Please do not advise me to go onto net])as i am frustrated with photoshop ?

Can my Sony DVD-RW DRU 820-A will be able to write Dual layer DVD's ? If not please suggest some of the same.

Not open for further replies.
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