Please help regarding internet explorer's font size

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I have a problem.i cant remember how it came first of all but the problem is that my internet explorer shos really really big fonts that overlap each other and this in all sites.firefox and opera r fine.similarily,encarta 2005 does the same.i dont mind explorer but i need to work on encarta.i have tried all possible font settings i could both in windows,in deisplay and in ie but to no avail.pls help me.
my config is:-
zenith pc,p4 2.4ghz,128mb ram,40gb hdd and cd rom.

have u tried this
right click on desktop-properties-setting-set the screen resolution size of ur choise


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open ie>unlock toolbar>rt click on toolbar>customize> customize toolbar>add the size "A" icon to ur toolbar. use it.

can u not control ur font size with this ?
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