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  1. A

    Unicode in Photoshop

    Hello, I am not able to write unicode font in Photoshop cs3. Please tell me how can I do it. amit
  2. ssb1551

    Phone frozen on Start Screen

    Hi All, I rooted my Mototrola Atrix 2 yesterday and installed Font Installer app. When I changed the font of the Phone from the app the phone had to be rebooted. But the screen got stuck at Motorola Power On Screen. I've tried doing a factory reset of the Phone, but no go. Anyone in the forum...
  3. J

    Stablest version of netbeans?

    Hello I actually just took the subject "Informatics Practices" whilee I do Non-Medical in X1 class. I am quite new and currently i am working on learning java (I learned some till now, enough to create a simple tic-tac-toe game). Till now, i was making projects in school IP lab only. But...
  4. demoninside9

    Reliance v9c tab: not showing hindi font

    Hi All, actually I am having reliance v9c tab. But when I use internet it doesn't show hindi website's font instead it shows squares. I installed opera, dolphin, and try many times but still get fail. Anybody knows the solution for that, so that I can easily access the hindi and others...
  5. curioustechy

    Formattting in word 2010

    I have a big document running down to several hundred pages. I want to select text of a particular font from the document and mark strikethrough. how to do that
  6. Rockstar11

    Which is the Hindi font used in Google Translate?

    Where can i hindi font download it? i want to save translate "Hindi" words in notepad.
  7. P

    How to change font of directory listing page in apache

    I had installed apache2 and enabled directory listing now I want to change the font settings of directory listing page. By default it uses some font say for example arial but I need to change it to times new roman also change the font size as well. I tried with .htaccess but it doesn't inherit...
  8. N

    How increase text size (font size) in windows 7

    Hii all, I want to increase the size of the text without altering any other thing like screen resolution or icon size,i just want bigger text.Is there any way?? I am using Windows 7.When i am using Xp ,there is an option in right click -> properties to increase the font size in use...
  9. B

    How to get all font styles from system in c#.net?

    I am implementing a Font Dilouge Box application. I have created 3 listboxes font family,font style & font size & a text box to dispaly the formated text. I have done the coding to get all the font families & to apply them in the textbox in the following code: private void...
  10. K

    Font size?

    Hi Guys It relates to Windows XP Home Edition(2),Mozilla Firefox 5.0.1 and TVS MSP 250 Champion. When online, I give printing,selecting what I need, increasing the font size in Mozilla Firefox itself,but there is no increase in font size at the time of printing. What are the ways to increase...
  11. gaurav.singh

    Adobe Reader font problem

    hi I have some hindi pdf documents. When I open them with adobe reader, instead of reading the way it should it looks like gibberish which we see when we try to type hindi without in krutidev010 without selecting the proper font. the document properties show the font support of krutiDev010...
  12. M

    Usage of foreing Keypad in Samsung FIT

    Hello Everybody, I have installed few forieng languages Keypad (like Tamil font, Spanish, German) but its not being shown in the default SWYPE keyboard. I also tried enabling it. but dont knowhow to make usage of tamil font & keypad that i installed it SAMSUNG FIT. pls help. Thanks
  13. Tejas.Gupta

    How to use Webfonts ?

    How to use Different fonts on your website. That's simple but if the visitor dosent has that font in his PC he wont be able to see the font on your Website too... Here's the Solution ! :smile: How to Use Webfonts (different fonts)in your website
  14. leo61611616

    Google Docs Gets Fontastic

    Until now, you could only see fonts on a webpage that you already had installed on your computer. This imposed a limitation on the web designer on the font variations he could use while designing a site. That situation is changing now as all modern browsers supports the ability to download web...
  15. iitmanojit

    New Open Source Indian Rupee Font

    I have created a new open source font for the support of Indian Rupee symbol. Read more at here TechFat: New Open Source Indian Rupee Font
  16. A_n_k_i_t

    Use Indian rupee symbol in your MS word

    Now use India Rupee symbol in your MS word. Foradian Technologies gives you the font to use the new Indian rupee symbol. 1.download the attachment and copy the font in c:\windows\fonts. 2.open MS word and start using the font. 3.use the key which is just below the ESC button...
  17. L

    MS Word the font problem ..help

    while trying to type using MS word i am not able to get the desired font. the font Mangal is reappearing stubbornly,i am :))not able to type with the font of my choice, please help.
  18. maxmk

    Forum Font Color Needs a Change !

    Hello Guys, I have just checked the TDF and found color grey every where. I have attached the screenshot.. Is this just me or everyone else getting same?
  19. Rockstar11

    How to convert PDF File with Hindi text into Word file?

    Hello.. I have a pdf file with hindi text, i want to convert it into .doc file but i have a problem that when i convert file the hindi font changes into some other font i don't know which. please help me... :( thanks in advance
  20. S

    bengali font

    i have downloaded a bengali font page from mozila but without net connection i can't see that page in bengali font,avra keyboard is installedin my machine ,so plz plz help me to solve this ..........
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