1. C

    How do Amazon Basics in-ear earphones sound?

    Has anybody heard these? AmazonBasics In-Ear Headphones with universal mic: Amazon.in: Electronic how do these sound?
  2. G

    Buying advice needed - need 4 tb external hdd from some good brand?

    Hello, to all of you. I want to buy 4 TB External Hdd preferably desktop Version hdd, the confusion is that for which Brand should I go for? Should I go for WD MY BOOK or Should I go for Seagate? I've heard that WD is creating problems these days, although I've used the WD products.Please...
  3. akhilc47

    Reliable pc hardware shops in bangalore

    Hi All, Can anyone recommend any pc hardware shops in bangalore where I can get all the hardware at a reasonably low cost. I heard there are a few good shops at SP road, any names? Thanks
  4. D

    Queries regarding updating to windows 10

    Im a newbie to tech. My laptop is running windows 8.1. I have following doubts regarding updating to windows 10. 1) Is the update free for lifetime ? I've heard that windows 10 update is free for first one year only. Later it will be charged. Also I've heard that we have to update until one...
  5. Y

    Laptop Problems

    I want a laptop which is around45k, has good gaming capabilities, has good built and is durable ( 4yrs approx. ), not necessary long battery life .Based on these I picked out 2 of these laptops.ACER specs are better but I am not sure if ACER laptops are durable or not.Which one of these would be...
  6. Vyom

    Anyone Using Excitel Broadband?

    So I heard about this broadband which I am planning to get. Anyone heard about them or experienced using them? Website seems bare bone and it's this: *www.excitel.com My cousin is using it and he gets speeds of 16 mbps in torrents and 4 mbps in browsing. But in few days in which he used...
  7. S

    I'm looking for asset management services...

    I'm looking for asset management services. I've heard DBS bank provides that. Can anyone tell me more on that?
  8. R

    moto g or asus zenfone 5

    hey guys wats ur opinion on de above topic? asus zenfones definetly seems better ... but any1 has used it properly? n i also heard abt some gps issues.. i am kinda confused with wat to buy.. n shud i be considering the 16 gb model ?
  9. P


    The question may make you laugh but I need help setting up I have a basic 100 rs to link router that breaks by 25 meters due to our homes big walls so I would like to know a way to set up a Bold connection I heard about parabolic wifi antennas and saw them on eBay can someone explain me what...
  10. F

    Need help

    I am trying to build a gaming pc and I was wondering which shop will be best to purchase different computer parts at Nehru Place. I have heard that Computer Empire, Cost to Cost and SMC International are good. Is it true?
  11. Mr.Kickass

    [Leaked] Nokia Lumia 2520 Tablet

    I have mixed feelings for this. Last I heard, people weren't impressed with Microsoft's attempt at Surface RT and besides, I think this is their(Nokia) first tablet. Source
  12. Flash

    What's the biggest lie, that you ever heard?

    *funlava.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/tumblr_lprqsueMFf1qjms8xo1_400.png Some can be witty, some can be irritating, some can be innocent, some can be motivating, some can be selfish and some can be lovely. Share the lies that you've heard here . . . :mrgreen:
  13. T

    Is tikona broadband good?

    Hello everyone,i live in Jaipur,and currently i am using MTS MBlaze with rs 798 plan,okay the speed is really good,i get 100-150kbps on torrents and 200kbps in IDM,but after 5gb it gets slow as a turtle,so i am not gonna use it anymore,after 5gb it just gives 144kbps,4kbps download speed in...
  14. T

    Is Suicide a man made creation?

    When was the last time you heard an animal commit suicide?
  15. M

    Android phone in 25 k

    Friends please suggest me phone in 25k. I am totally leaning toward nexus 4. But due to some problem i am worried like its fragile body(main concern). I cant afford to replace its screen if it would broke. I heard that little high temprature can broke its glass And 2nd concern is non-removable...
  16. B

    Laptop Suggestion Needed around 50K . (Max 60K its better if it don't touch it )

    Minimum Configuration Required: i5 3rd processor ; 6GB RAM ; 2gb Graphic ;500 gb Hard-disk Purpose of laptop : Gaming ,Engineering Work , Entertainment . . Price bracket around 50K (Max 60K its better if it didn't touch it ) I have some laptops in mind: (and some queries regrading it )...
  17. D

    [Query] Selling of Console games-PS3

    I heard of glyde.com, a super cool website to sell old gadgets and games but sadly it operates only in USA. Any glyde like site in India too? I want to sell the games but hassle free. What are the best ways to sell, Ive heard of olx and secondly posting here.
  18. mohit9206

    Will games Crysis 3 and Metro Last Light work well on my PC ?

    My PC Specs are: Intel Pentium G630 8gb ddr3 ram radeon hd7750 1gb gddr5 My monitor resolution is 1440*900 so will these games work on high quality settings on my PC or will the CPU/GPU bottleneck the games ? I have heard that dual core CPU's no longer are ideal for modern games ? What...
  19. Vintech009

    Best BB Connection In Bangalore E-City

    Hi all. I stay in Bangalore Electronic City and in need of Bb connnection. 1. The bb should be unlimited 2. Speed should be above 2mbps. My budget is 1.5k to 3k. I heard lot about ACT BB so does it offers connectivity in our area. Regards
  20. K

    PS3 Move

    Anyone here played on the PS3 Move? What is the experience like, is it worth it? Are there good gaming titles out there? I've heard about Sports Champions.
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