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nub 4eva
I am sorry if the title seems a bit confusing, I didn't know how to put it in better words.

I have WiFi network set up in my home, with 2 PCs and one laptop connected. Most of my video files are in my PC. I would like to play those in my laptop.

Is it possible to set up some sort of media server, which would enable us to play the videos without having to download them first ?

I have the TPLink WR841N 300mbit router.
I prefer the home group. Pair the two pcs over wifi and then share the folder containing the videos over the network. You should be able to acess the videos via the windows media library under "other libraries "



nub 4eva
I can only play AVI (XViD) video files from Windows Media Player library, some x264 files are playing but no Audio ( AAC )

Any other solution?

What is this WiDi in KMPLayer?


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have you tried vlc?when streaming using windows only those files can be played which can be played by WMP on host system & without some codec pack WMP can't handle many mkv/mp4 files.since vlc already support almost all files streaming using it should be no issue.
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