1. dashang

    asp mvc : handling different session for different tabs in web application

    How can i use different session in different tabs in asp net mvc. I want session Id to be available in that Tab only. and session should get expired in 14min. and also session should sustain in both tabs differently . I know it can be done by getting tab id from browser but dont know...
  2. T

    Session management in android

    Hi all, I am developing an android application, I am trying to manage a session (just like jsp), I mean i would need a username from which user logged in and some other details between login and logout process. I was thinking about Shared Preferences or Content Provider but someone suggested me...
  3. TheSloth

    Connection lost at the last moment

    Me and my friend tried to play fifa08. He has a desktop and wi-fi and i have a laptop. I connected through wireless LAN. Then i created a session in fifa08. He joined and we both selected our team. After clicking on 'advance to game' the game loaded and at last 'connection lost' came. What is...
  4. K

    How to set up cod 4 server ???? Plz help

    8 of my friends wanted to play COD 4 online. I downloaded d multiplayer game(not genuine):cry: and want to host the gaming session on my PC as a server. PLz Plz show me the Steps of how can I do that. Thanks in advance. :razz:
  5. Champ

    6 week training session at IGN

    Have seen quite number of threads asking to go into game development/testing and related careers So if u r really serious, this might be a good start IGN's Code-Foo - code.ign 6 week training session at IGN, that might lead to a job Heard about it here IGN Daily Fix Video Skip to 1:14...
  6. K

    PHP Session Maintenance when cookies are disabled

    Hello friends! I am new to PHP programming and developing a small website project. In this project I have login for users and I am maintaining session for user's login. But I have problem with login when cokkies are disabled. Please suggest me any solution to maintain session when...
  7. skeletor

    Indian eCommerce Woes

    Many stupid websites which force you to use Internet Explorer 5.5 and above and then will not work with Internet Explorer 8. :lol: Microsoft arseholes DESERVE full blame for holding the web growth. When was IE7 released anyways? after 6 years of releasing IE6? ohh and those websites using ASP...
  8. thebanik

    i7 980X + EVGA Classified + MSI GTX 480 under LN2

    Looks like this would be my first post in here, :razz: So another day, another grinding session, another session of torture on the 980X which resulted in almost all major Indian scores being toppled(not much since only a few play with LN2 here, and previously as well those scores were mine...
  9. S

    Mobile Exchange connect problem

    I need a help. I am using Sony Mobile phone(G502) which has Exchange active sync service. After giving the following detail when i m going to synchronize it shows an error " session failed". Please guys help me. Server address: xx Domain: xx Username: xx Password...
  10. M

    3 tier architecture cookie management

    I am new in development and I am having problem in implementing the 3 tier in it, actually I am facing problem that I am not able to understand the management of session i.e. I don't able to understand that where can I use session in presentation layer or in business or data layer-please...
  11. desiibond

    Yee haa. Google chrome extensions are coming and am attending a session on how to do

    will update slides here :) ----------------------------------------- Posted again: ----------------------------------------- *
  12. M

    Software required for tracking net connection time

    Can anybody tell me if there is a software available for keeping a track of when a PC was connected and disconnected to internet(and also the duration) and what was the IP address for that particular session, even if the second feature is not available in the software it's all right.
  13. NewsBytes

    Indian gamer sets world record for longest GTA4 session

      Chirantan Patnaik, a 26-year-old resident of Napean Sea Road, has set a new world record for the longest time spent playing Grand Theft Auto IV. Guinness is yet to officially recognise the record, but as the marathon session was put up for live streaming on the gamer’s blog and abiding...
  14. J

    Gnome crash in Opensuse11.0

    1)How to overcome/recover from Gnome crash in OPENSUSE11.0? 2)Can Gnome and KDE be used in the same booting session in OPENSUSE11.0? Please anybody ........
  15. H

    Internet Explorer Issue

    Hi Friends Inspite of proper shut-down every time I restart my computer and click on IE, a message box opens saying "IE session closed suddenly" "Do you want to restore the session" "Do you want to go to the home page" Kindly throw some light on what is happening. I use Vista Home Edition...
  16. furious_gamer

    Session Management in PHP

    Guys, i was completely running out of idea when it comes to session tracking. I previously do the session management in JSP/Servlet using the database to store the user's session related details,temporarily,say until he logs out. Now after i moved to PHP, i was so glad to see that the default...
  17. S

    About Cookies

    Hello Frend .... Can Any One Give Me Details About How To Decrypt Cookies ???? Whether cookies contaion id and pass with session Id ??? Any New Tech to decrypt cookies??
  18. src2206

    Can not make a multi session disc

    Hello friends I am having a horrid time. NERO (ver can never keep my DATA discs open (no multi session). I used NERO Burning ROM and NERO Express both, but the result is the same. I have chosen the option to keep the disc open every time I tried. I am using NERO 6 Ultra Edition...
  19. S

    nero burner problem

    hi friends.............. im using nero8. i have burned my dvd in data format along with multisessional optin checked. since 1GB space is remaining i tried to burn a second session. but the first session items are not displaying.... trails done: 1.even though not displaying i burn it...
  20. R

    session problem in burning DVD's

    hi, I burned a DVD in two sessions using NERO, but now I am unable to find the data of the first session. I can only see the second sessions data. What can I do to view my first session's data.
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