1. Sinnet

    [Complaint] Philips 273P3LPH monitor after sales service problem

    I had purchased a 27" Philips 273P3LPH Monitor in June 2012 in Mumbai. It is working fine, but on 13th August 2013 the stand of the monitor came of broken on my desk. On inspection I saw that the stand is held in place by 1 metal ring and 1 single screw. Somehow the metal ring was broken. So...
  2. M

    Compiler for HTML5

    i want to know which compiler/dev toll i usd for HTML5 & CSS3
  3. T

    toll booth collection system using file handling?do any1 knows using c++

    guys.,i need toll booth collection system using file handling can any one help mee
  4. Ronnie11

    Vodafone Charging 50p/3 min for customer care in a toll free no.??

    Hey guys,i had called up at vodafone yest regarding some clarification at their toll free number 111(even 9820098200),when i opted to talk to customer care executive,it informs that from now on,u will be charged 50p/3min to talk to a customer care this legal??So we have to pay...
  5. BBThumbHealer

    Need For Speed Series To Be Discontinued

    Hi Everyone , As the thread title says it all , one of the best game series ever made will be coming to an end ! :( Source Link EA Guys will be termed as big losers if they really discontinue this .... I agree failures have taken a huge toll on the company but , the solution doesn't lie in...
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