perfomance issues!!

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hey guys!!
my sys specs--
amd x2 4400
2 gb ddr 800
8400 gs 512 mb
asus m2nvm dvi
i played 1024*768 ,med details(no aa,texture-low)it wrked fine!!
but nw i tried playing rainbow six vegas,the gameplay is not that smooth at 1024*768 and lowest settings!!
can u plz tell me vy??
crysis is smooth but rainbowsix not!!
plz help!!


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Rainbox Six' gfx dun come close to Crysis, yet it seems very heavy. It has a highly unoptimised gfx and shows random performances on each driver release.
Actually it built on Unreal Engine 2.5 highly modified. Even Unreal Engine 3 is much faster nd better looking than that.
Nyways there are patches available which optimises a bit nd look for the best driver release which has best performance for that game.

Even i played Crysis on my 7600GT oc @ 1152*864 everythin medium, physics,effects, sound @ high.
And Rainbow Six was lagging @ low~med at that resolution.


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That's because the game's been very poorly coded.Infact it's the second worst Unreal 3.0 code after Blacksite:Area 51.The game will have very poor performace during smoke & particle effects being displayed.It crushed my 7900GT in outdoor performances as it bounced between 23-26fps & dropped drastically at 19fps at times.But the game looks stunning.You'll need to have a good enough graphic card to handle it properly.Else you'll have to let do with it's average performance in mid-range cards.;)


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You can use the quick save button to save the game if I remember correctly.You can map your quick save button accordingly to customise it.As far as the patch goes it has come out with a few patches but none seem to boost the FPS drastically.


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Not sure.Though friend says that it looks more polished & thankfully has Anti-Aliasing option to be set in-game.I'll try my hand on it once I get it & let you know.
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