1. Z

    Pc not powering on with gfx installed

    Hi, my pc went suddenly off and wasn't powering off after that. Motherboard gave single short beep. So i removed my gfx card after trying changing ram slots . Now it's working fine without gfx card if I plug gfx card again it doesn't power on again Is my gfx card dead or my psu faulty ...
  2. S

    cisco linksys WRT54GH no power

    Dear guys, i have cisco linksys WRT54GH wifi router.but when i upgrade firmware then power cable loose, & now modem is not powering on,but its heating when power cable plugged in & wifi light glowing very dim, can any one tell where should i go for repair in kolkata ?
  3. Bhav

    Need help for finding problem

    one of friend having asus x53u laptop there is a strange problem it's only powering up on ac power only
  4. R

    Need a modem+router within 3k

    My dlink 2730u adsl modem+router just doesn't power on.Anways I wasn't satisfied with the performance.Looking for a modem+router to use my bsnl bb connection on my pc as well as share it across different wireless devices in my home.I live in a two storeyed house, so I need the range of the...
  5. soyab0007

    Samsung galaxy S Plus

    Samsung galaxy S Plus not powering on, tried to charge phone for more than 1 hour but no result What should I Do?
  6. M

    Need help in sorting Display issues.

    Hi Guys, Recently after upgrade from 5770 to 560ti, I am getting issue in booting . It boots but before welcome screen the display is going to power saving mode nothing works. I tried resetting and restarting the pc by powering off completely and reset switch. But the only way i found it to work...
  7. A

    help cpu powering off : changing mobo intel p4 /biostar g31 m+

    I Am trying to change mother board . of my system. its pentium 4 processor. psu:e pro 450 w i had disabled the floppy drive in bio's saved settings and went on to format the system with a new windows installation. It keeps powering off in between...
  8. cray.x

    PSU components burnt

    hello to all last night i bought a CPU with a cooler master elite RS400 SMPS. it had voltage options, i accidentally set it to, 115 v, after that the PSU components blasted off, from then my mobo isn't booting up, after that i used a different PSU of 450 watts it is powering the mobo, but not...
  9. vinayan

    HD 6850 not detected?

    Hi, I assembled a PC for the very first time yesterday..it is starting normally and i have installed Windows 7 Ultimate edition..but it is not recognizing my Sapphire HD6850 card..i can see the card's fan spinning after powering on the system..i used a 6 PIN cable from my psu to connect the...
  10. confused

    Logitech Z5500 Not Powering up.... HELP!!!

    Hi guys, i have a Logitech Z5500 (2 months old). I usually leave it in the standby mode when not using it. But I had to go out of station for a few days, hence i powered it off, from both the mains, as well as the power switch on the woofer. But now, after i returned i found that its not...
  11. madmax_tt

    No display...help...

    i have nVIDIA GeForce 7600GT,400W SMPS, MSI K9N Neo F, AMD Athon64 X2 3600+, 2X 512MB @ 667MHz sumtimes my pc act strange that i dont give display and the monitor light is blinking but no display... after powering on and off for about 30 times, it finally give display(sumtimes it dont and i...
  12. girish_AMD

    Goodbye wires…

    MIT team experimentally demonstrates wireless power transfer, potentially useful for powering laptops, cell phones without cords *web.mit.edu/newsoffice/2007/wireless-0607.html
  13. emailaatif786

    System Death

    While powering ON the system, the motherboard gets Green light inside, and then nothing happens, What can be the problem?
  14. assasin

    Do i need a new PSU

    Hi friends i've a iBall 400w PSU for powering my rig.4 my rig's config see signature. My prob is dat whenever i oc my proccy beyond 2.2GHz,sometimes it shows in the BIOS that 'Óverclocking failed' but if it boots up it runs fine.i've stress tested my proccy @ 2.5GHz & it was perfectly stable...
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