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Partitioning help needed...

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This is the status of my partition table on my 250GB HDD

There were 2 logical partitions (62 gb and 13.1gb) which I deleted. I want to now create partitions of 50GB and 25GB. But as I had 2 logical partitions of 62 and 13.1 gb earlier, I cant merger them to make a 75 GB partition and then create the 2 partitions pof 50GB and 25 GB I need.

How do I go about? Sounds stupid, I know, but the last time I partitioned was eons ago, so I forgot how to go about.

As you can see, I created a raw 50GB partition on the 63GB logical drive, now I want to club the 2 free space partitions (thus creating a 25 GB partition) but I dont know how :|
naaaah...it's not helping.
I created a 50 GB partition from that 63gb part, and further 13.1 and 12.1 partitions.

I'm not able to merge the 13.1 and 12.GB partitions, which I need :(


Try Easeus and make sure that all your partitions are of logical type (except the OS ofcourse!)!

Delete all the partitions which you want to create your new partitions on.
You should have quite a bit of unallocated free space on your drive now.

MOVE the unallocated space(click and drag) to one side and keep the games and videos partitions on the other(preferably before the free space). Apply changes now.

Now you should be able to see
D: Gamez>E: Videos>Unallocated free space

Right click on unallocated free space and make a new partition of 50GB and do the same with remaining 25 GB. This should do it.


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Right click on the blues, extend into the greens, using diskmgmt.msc. On the same drive though. Should work. Or use Gparted.
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