1. I

    Primary partition and data storage

    Hello I've been thinking a while what partition should be used for data storage. Let's say I want just two partitions on my HDD for OS for data Shall I create two primary partitions or one primary and one logical? I don't know why but I've always created one primary and one logical...
  2. R

    Hardisk partitoning

    i just installed Windows7 on logical partition? What is active partition? How to make partition active and viceversa ? Is it ok to install on logical partition? My secondary Internal HDD is shown as external?why?
  3. R

    Initial hdd query

    Just Got a new 2tb HDD.Installed it alongside My existing HDD, but the computer doesnt show it? How do I partiton and what types should I assign ( logical ? primary ? etc ) I need to install games.Can i do it on Windows Drive or Seperately ?
  4. P

    Logical Partition files system getting corrupted.

    Hi All, Need help with my windows XP :-?. Brought new machine couple of days ago, i formatted the new Samsung 500 GB Hard disk and created logical partition via computer management. Now every time i turn on my PC, windows CHKDSK function starts and it starts detecting unreadable files on...
  5. parth.khopkar96

    What Should I do with the logical drive partition?

    Some time ago I tried to install windows xp on 2gb partition on my 500gb hard disk...the computer was not booting into windows 7(only xp). So I deleted the partition having windows xp(from an installation disk of Xp). As you can see I messed up. The guy who fixed it for me seems to have...
  6. stonecaper

    Logical Partitions Gone

    Today Morning My WD 1TB Drive's Logical Partitions are Not Showing.It Shows as unallocated Space in Windows Disk Management. Have I Lost all the Data? Please Help
  7. A

    Help!!!! Deleted Partition

    I wanted to delete two logical partitions but unfortunately i ended up in deleting every logical partition. Please help me i want my data back. Its very important data.
  8. vamsi_krishna

    Ubuntu 10.10 NTFS drive problem

    I have just installed Ubuntu 10.10. Now the problem is, I had 3 logical drives under windows 7(excluding the primary partition on which there was 7) but ubuntu now is showing only one drive named "448GB file system" and I can only see the files of one logical drive, D. I am not able to see...
  9. Dangerous Dave

    Need php help

    I have just started learning PHP . I am new to it. i have read of logical and bitwise negation in the book that i have bought. I am not able to understand it and following php code. <?php $num1=25.59; $num2=30; $num3=(~$num1)+(!$num2); echo "The sum of Bitwise number 25.59...
  10. Sarvesh

    Some files on this volume could not be defragmented.

    Since yesterday I am facing a typical problem. When I De-frag my C: or D: partition I am getting the following error after De-fragmentation is finished. De-fragmentation is complete for: (C:) Some files on this volume could not be De-fragmented. Please check the defragmentation report for the...
  11. thewisecrab

    Partitioning help needed...

    This is the status of my partition table on my 250GB HDD There were 2 logical partitions (62 gb and 13.1gb) which I deleted. I want to now create partitions of 50GB and 25GB. But as I had 2 logical partitions of 62 and 13.1 gb earlier, I cant merger them to make a 75 GB partition and then...
  12. J

    New Hard Disk Capacity & Partition Problems

    Hello everybody: - I bought a new Seagate Barracuda 320 GB HDD. & plug it alongwith my existing 160 GB HDD & Boot from the New Seagate HDD & Install OS = XP SP-3 on it. 1st Problem: Disk Management shows capacity of New HDD = 298.09 GB. Where 20 GB can be gone?? I Partition it as...
  13. Pragadheesh


    hi, how to find factorial of a number(from 1 to 10) without using, >loop statements like for, while, do while. >conditional operators like if, case. >arithmetic operators like + , - , * , % , /, ++, --.??!! is there anyway to do so using logical operators.!!
  14. N

    Unable to create a partition

    i don't understand why i cannot create a partition i want to create a new partition out of the 7.19gb unallocated space into the logical drive. how can i do this?
  15. CadCrazy

    Installing Vista on logical partition

    Is it possible to install vista on logical partition ? Whenever i try to do so i get error " This partition does not meet the criteria to install --------- ". If not is there any way to convert any extended partition to primary one through vista disc ?
  16. bajaj151

    Preparation for IP,MCA ?

    IP University paper for MCA consist of 4 parts: 1) Maths 2) Logical Analysis 3) English 4) Computer Awareness How should I prepare in 7 day...I know..its difficult...but not impossible... I have FOR: Maths: SANMAC Material Logical: ? English: ...

    Hard Disk Problem

    Hi all, 2day i add 2nd seagate hdd & i m trying to make all logical drives with computer disk management but its giving me error so is this not possiable to make all logical drives in 2nd hdd ? I have to make 1st partion as primary & then others logical? Or is this possiable to make all logical...
  18. C

    Help on free BSD installation

    Thought of trying BSD and didn't take much time to know that it needed a super geek to install.... I needed help on partitoning: I'm having a 40 GB HDD, with triple boot, windows XP on my primary partition and Slackware & ubuntu on one of the logical partitons. Now, I want to replace ubuntu...
  19. A

    Vista corrupted my drive

    Hi guys, I have a 164 GB Sata 2 HDD with following partitions : C : 20 GB NTFS - Primary, Active - XP SP2 installed D : 10 GB NTFS - Primary - Vista Installed E : 15 GB FAT32 - Primary - Dump F : 20 GB FAT32 - Logical - G : 20 GB FAT32 - Logical - H : 25 GB FAT32 - Logical - I ...
  20. D

    How to crete logical partition

    Dear friends, I have 4 drives namely c, d, e and f. But recently i split f drive so that i can install red hat on it. But now i am unable to resize the f drive, so that remaining space is going wasted. My partition is like this C: primary D, E, F: logical Help please
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