1. S

    Unable to extend my disk volumes!!!

    Hey frndsss!! i'm having a problem while extending my disk space of my system disk and other disk also, i'd winXP installed on one disk , now i deleted that disk using EaseUS Partition manager, and make all the partitions primary from logical. Now my disk are like this: C: 50GB D...
  2. clmlbx

    Sony Ericsson Xperia phones get 50 GB Free Cloud storage

    source Free 50GB cloud storage For Any Android Device
  3. ssk_the_gr8

    Shrinking C: drive

    i bought a new laptop a week ago. HP DV6 2005ax.. it has windows 7 home premium 32 bit. It has a 320 gb hdd. i cant seem to shrink the c: drive beyond 153 gb.. Is there is any solution to shrink it to like 50gb or smaller? I have 1 more query - is the windows firewall good enough or...
  4. thewisecrab

    Partitioning help needed...

    This is the status of my partition table on my 250GB HDD There were 2 logical partitions (62 gb and 13.1gb) which I deleted. I want to now create partitions of 50GB and 25GB. But as I had 2 logical partitions of 62 and 13.1 gb earlier, I cant merger them to make a 75 GB partition and then...
  5. icekid

    Dude who took my 50gb?

    I just realise I don't have 50gb of my 250gb hard disk. What happened??? How took it away??
  6. Faun

    What to do with 50GB online space ?

    Suppose you got 50GB of online space free for one year and that too with syncing on your PC. So what do you do with that much space, i mean with a crappy plan of 256kbps.
  7. cluby

    Ur broadband usage

    Just list down ur bsnl broadband usage last month & the plan OR your highest usage & the plan. March2008 50GB Home 500
  8. vamsi_krishna

    MGS4 Confirmed 50GB Blu-ray?

    "It was revealed last month that a Blu-ray disc wasn’t big enough to hold all languages for the upcoming Metal Gear Solid 4. Since all previous Playstation 3 games have resorted to the more constricted 25GB Disc, it was unclear whether MGS4 was to stray from this trend. In a Konami retailers...
  9. chicha

    linux/XP installation querry.

    two things i need to know 1. i have a 50GB drive, (appart from XP drive C:) now i need to shrink it in order to install ubuntu. 2. can i install ubuntu now, or do i have to install ubuntu and then install XP. NOTE: i have only one 80GB HDD, with primary partition C:20GB for XP and...
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