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Orkut - Type in Hindi

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chk this feature out ... its freakin amazing ... go to a frenz scrap book ... chk the type in hindi tab ... and then type ur hindi in english as in ... kya chal raha hai and orkut will automatically convert that into hindi .... its freakin awesome


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"क्या चल रहा है "

सही है यार. :D

Although the font is small


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yup, was introduced some months ago , first in Blogger and then to other Google products. called Google Transliteration :)


You gave been GXified
Lolz...this is fun, never had a chance to express myself clearly to all friends :D

Hindi Rocks


Cool G5

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Cool... atlast it will be easy to read in hindi than people typing hindi in english. :))

Ankur Gupta

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yaar ye feature to 1 mahine se hai almost...dont tell me you checked it now...it was introduced shortly after orkut changed its interface..


i have added Hindi as one of my languages....do check my profile if u can. i have written my name only.
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