Official Windows 10 Thread: Installation and Issues (check first post)


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Any leaks on what is going to be changed except more bugs and lag?
Hoax apparently. No official statement yet and the whole article only talks about the next update.


When will Windows 11 be announced?​

Microsoft sent out invitations on June 2 for a virtual event that will be held on June 24 at, you guessed it, 11am ET. If it wasn’t shooting for an “11” theme, it would have said the event was at 8am PT.
Wow, what reasoning!

Clickbait article.


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Hoax apparently. No official statement yet and the whole article only talks about the next update.

Probably microsoft is giving a new update with some revamp, as from what i found, Even Satya Nadella tweeted about it being amazing. But again cant be sure as there is literally no leak, and what is available is too minimal to judge.

Hope they work on optimizing windows.


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I mean I know that the next update will be big, just that there is no indication that it will be Windows 11. It will still be Windows 10 but with the new update.


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Is there a way to run 16-bit programs in Windows 10 64-Bit?
I work in an organisation where there are some old dos based programs still in use but the operating system have been upgraded to Windows 10.


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It was indeed Windows 11.

And it is a free upgrade for those on 10.

A catch is that you need some kind of platform security called TPM 2.0.


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^ it is TPM or amd ftpm
i think that is available on many systems. initially i got Not Compatible / Can't run Windows 11. then i checked BIOS and enabled amd ftpm. now it shows it can.


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Hi, I am quite interesting because I don't get why they skipped 9 and named it 10? o_0
Just like this, instead of naming Xbox 720.


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Guys one of my PC-Desktop that has Windows 10 (64-bit) Pro installation(GENUINE WINDOWS LICENSCE FROM MS) is running very slow. The apps takes ages to open so do the various web pages/sites of Chrome,Firefox and Edge browsers.
Anti Virus used is "BULL GUARD PREMIUM PROTECTION"with full license and payment.

What may be the reason???

Screenshot 2021-08-13 124210.png

Screenshot 2021-08-13 124450.png

Any thing to do with .NET Runtime Optimization Services?
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