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  1. S

    Reactivating apps after reinstall windows 10

    The link Start fresh with a clean installation of Windows 10 says 'By using the tool, you may lose your digital licences, digital content associated with applications or other digital entitlements for applications, which may affect your ability to use apps or app-related content that you paid...
  2. DigiCraft66 Gaming

    Stuck on microsoft basic render driver!

    Hello! This is my first time on the digit forums! I am currently facing a problem on my pc where the graphics card driver is being seen corrupted by windows 10 and this problem has came ever since I have installed win 10 on my pc.. I have reseted my PC 2 times to fix this problem but it seems...
  3. A

    is it worth downloading win 10 from redditt

    Hai guys..I am looking up to upgrade to win 10..but updating through Microsoft is risky,.if it fails I have to update it again on my limited I saw a thread saying that I can download manually the pro version on Windows 10 10240 ESD Download Here : Windows1 .............that and I...
  4. $hadow

    Official Windows 10 Thread: Installation and Issues (check first post)

    -PREREQUISITE- -INSTALLATION- Install using Media Creation Toolkit (if you don't want windows to automatically update) Install if the automatic update fails for any reason or if you want to download esd file manually and install. Next step: Free up some space on your Operating System...
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