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There is a option of flashing stock rom if you do not like cm

And stock is even more trash compared to Sense and MiUI.
both cm and stock look really simple.. the simplicity is great.. but misses a lot of cool features from sense.. like autolinking contacts. the widgets.. the theme shop from miui, wallpapers.. and miui icons just look so damn cool on redmi 1s. I guess I like the all icons on home.. concept.


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I recieved my OnePlus One yesterday, and it seems that I'm amoung the people who are not facing that "yellow band" problem. :razz:


Hey, i also got the BEAST y'day. Sad about the fact that there will be official OTA updates.
Gonna share my invite here as soon as I can get them :) [MENTION=154031]nomad47[/MENTION] [MENTION=127004]amjath[/MENTION] you guys can update my status now :D


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My sincere apologies to [MENTION=154031]nomad47[/MENTION] who shared some of his work to me to take care, but cannot do it due to loads of office work and work at home. I hardly come to digit and also can't enjoy my OPO and my new graphic card :( Bro I will get back on track asap


Hey, i also got the BEAST y'day. Sad about the fact that there will be official OTA updates.
Gonna share my invite here as soon as I can get them :) [MENTION=154031]nomad47[/MENTION] [MENTION=127004]amjath[/MENTION] you guys can update my status now :D

I think we can manually download the OTA updates and flash via adb ! just need to find the location of these and download.


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Guys check out LiquidSmooth build for lollipop highly stable, no crash, very very low bugs at this stage

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Guys check this thread out for future OPO buyers with HDFC card


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OnePlus to launch its own Android Lollipop-based OS, no Cyanogen support for OnePlus One in India » PhoneRadar

So, if you are an Indian user thinking of purchasing a OnePlus One, here’s in short what you need to understand – The OnePlus One in India will be running CyanogenMod until February 2015 and till then, there will be no software update from Cyanogen team for it. By that time, OnePlus is going to finish their own ROM and that is what would be available for the OnePlus One devices in February.

The support is promised by the OnePlus team, for the future devices. When our system reaches a production-grade build, we will identify where larger clusters of our users are, and set up stations where we’ll meet you face to face and help you flash your existing OnePlus One to the new system. Of course, we will also offer online instructions for those who prefer to flash their devices from the comfort of their homes.


doesn't look nice. they can't make a stable version in such short notice.
they can fork cyanogenmod.. its open source anyway.. only the cyanogen branding is copy righted
perfect time for some indie rom developer to get rich..
switch camps or start new.


I also got hold of invite. But I'm sacred of yellow banding issue. I'm paying 22k and i don't want to compromise. What's the ratio of defect to non defect? In India right now?

I request to MODS or OP to please include a poll in the thread asking owners of OPO that whether their unit suffers yellow banding or not.
It would be highly appreciated.



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They fixed that yellow screen bug with software update and current batches do not have any if I am not wrong


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unlock, root, flash rom will not void.

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I did all 3 as soon as I got it :D
Amjath bhai....need your mini/ultimate/deluxe rewiew on OPO if u get some time on weekends :-D

also do post the root/unlock link u followed for OPO
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