1. Sarang\m/


    Asura A top down hack 'n' slash game set in a fictionalized world inspired by Indian Mythos with roguelike elements and a procedural skill tree. Sacrificed to the Gods by the holy men, a demonic being known as Asura embarks on journey for vengeance and retribution. ​ Asura is a top down hack...
  2. saikiasunny

    Suggestions and Language for a new Youtube Channel

    Hello, Guys! I want to know your opinions on this. Would you prefer a new Indian PC-centric tech channel in Hindi or English? Why do you think one is a better choice over the other? And what kind of content would you like? I am thinking of starting a PC technology channel, focusing especially...
  3. savithk

    i3-7100 Processor

    is this available in india ....???? i3-7100 Processor any one know the indian price...????
  4. A

    Indian History Exam Test Papers

    Hi, I have looking for the latest Indian history exam test papers. A couple of hours' research helped me in reaching out to some useful forums such as Indian Study Hub, GK Series, India Bix and SSC Exam guide but I am looking for papers with greater number of MCQs. Your help in this regard...
  5. B

    "Toolius Becomes First Indian Overclocker to Break Into the HWBOT League Top 20"

    Proud moment for us Indians! :) Source: Toolius Becomes First Indian Overclocker to Break Into the HWBOT League Top 2
  6. S

    Nextbit Robin mobiles cloud storage

    This 25 nextbit robin going release their handsets in Indian market which have clud storage access No slot for SD, purely based on cloud storage, In order to access cloud it has definitely have net through Data/wifi. What are concerns on this new to indian market.
  7. Desmond

    The Panama Papers - The biggest data leak on corruption in history.

    The Panama Papers have been in the news for a while now. Its a major leak containing information on people guilty of tax evasion, possession of illegal assets and black money. Source: Panama Papers - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedi References: The Panama Papers · ICI [live] Panama...
  8. A

    Home Coolers

    Want one preferably indoor type to cool room of size 225 sq ft.which brand should i buy.Want a cooler which can handle indian humidity.should i prefer an outdoor one.please advice brand
  9. Desmond

    Alibaba officially entering the Indian market

    Source: Flipkart, Amazon And Snapdeal Just Got A New Competitor, China's Alibaba To Enter Indian Market
  10. Anorion

    discuss Indian Modern History (20th Century)

    its all in title
  11. D

    Laptop charger query.

    My asus k53 charger has gone kaput and I am advised against repairing it. Now the original charger comes at 3k while the indian branded at 1k. Both have 1 year warranty. Is it safe to go with indian one. Will there be any performance issues in terms of gaming?
  12. rhyansy

    Hiring! MSI India Notebook Marketing Manager

    Special Announcement! We're hiring!!! If you have what it takes, send us your CV to MSI India Notebook! (* MSI India Notebook Marketing Manager Job Description: 1. Local Indian marketing activities plan, support, execution, results tracking and...
  13. S

    If I am looking for a job in the Gulf countries, what things should I keep in mind being an Indian?

    If I am looking for a job in the Gulf countries, what things should I keep in mind being an Indian?
  14. A

    Counter Strike Source queries

    I want to buy CSS and play online, had this queries . How will it work on 512kbps broadband connection ? Are there any good indian servers ? players pls guide me And where to buy ? amazon or steam ? - - - Updated - - - Any ideas ? - - - Updated - - - ????????
  15. Anorion

    Things left out from Indian history textbooks

    Like im going by the supposition that all of history in our textbooks is hack, and it is a simplistic, biased, illogical, and often wrong interpretation of what was going on so to start with, Mahmud Ghazni, who raided the fertile Indian territories for riches and destroyed many temples was...
  16. N

    Gang Nations Thread

    Welcome to Gang Nations. A better game than COC. As of now it is iOS only game. Let us use this thread to discuss about Gang Nations. If you play this game then feel free to join "Indian Gang" PS: More info with screenshots coming once i reach home tonight :) Download link ...
  17. Flash

    India’s Modi wants to woo Silicon Valley, but censorship and privacy fears grow at home

    Modi’s intent “is to showcase what a big market India is to Silicon Valley for start-ups and to create an environment that will attract technology companies to invest in India,” according to Arvind Gupta, the National Technology Head of Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party. Modi’s big push is called...
  18. R

    BSNL Broadband speed, Help required

    Hi, I am from India, this question is for Indian users as BSNL is basically Indian ISP. I was thinking of getting a new BSNL Broadband connection to my home, as i have no experience with BSNL services I don't know how the speeds will be, I am opting for 8Mbps (mbits) plan. 1. I leave in...
  19. Flash

    Happy 69th Independence day

    Be Proud to be an Indian!
  20. Cyberghost

    History at midnight: India, Bangladesh exchange enclaves

    " now...and now we are freeeeeeee!" screamed Anwarul Haque, an 18-year-old high school student. Carrying a tricolour, he turned with a shriek of delight and sprinted through the moonlit village road towards a chawk on the neighbourhood that...
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