Official Digit CTC VI discussion thread (WARNING: SPOILERS HERE)

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The Shadow
You don't have to have seen it to guess, maybe people who have seen it also would need to look it up, think of it as a clue. It is a special edition of oneplus, which was related to star wars. The finish was based on a planet. You can look this up in multiple ways to get the answer. The questions get progressively tougher from there, but leg 2 focuses mostly on technology and less on pop culture. Good luck!

Are there any others that we can check out?

this is important guis. It is what many of you are asking for actually.
Only if there's a way left, duh! Tired of seeing Zuckerberg smiling at my screen

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for the Zuke one, Im dropping a hint

paz uva zv ohyk av mpuk (tlhupun aol mpyza opa vu nvvnsl pm fvb ruvd lehjasf doha av svvr mvy)
fvb ohcl av jhtvbmshnlk spaovz kljpwoly


Broken In
Does solving the Kim pic require any Particular Software to decode ?(versions slightly higher than 5 in particular)
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