Official Digit CTC IV discussion thread - Last leg starts 6th Oct 2012

Should we delay the final leg by two weeks?

  • No I can't wait that long...

    Votes: 44 32.4%
  • Don't care

    Votes: 9 6.6%
  • Yes, because I have exams

    Votes: 42 30.9%
  • Yes, because I want the last leg to be really long and hard

    Votes: 23 16.9%
  • Yes, only if you give 2 more checkpoints in between

    Votes: 18 13.2%

  • Total voters
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So the majority vote seems to be to delay... I'm partial to delaying it to 5th Oct. And just having one last long leg. What say?

@raaabo - either start on 21st sept but dnt make it 5 Oct.. Start from monday even 8th Oct 6:00pm.. let the last leg start on weekdays...

guyzz.. need help in background ques


Finally Done with CTC 3 Now could finally concentrate on studies.
@Raabo - Thanks for 5th I have my exam on 3rd so just escaped the wrath :)


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yeah atlast reached checkpoint 3. feeling relieved after solving all questions without skipping any.
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:aaargh:Guys! can you please tell me where to use source.7z? I have reached Cp 3 using long way and didn't find the use of it.:shock::blah:

then difinitely you haven't completed it the long way..

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