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Norton Ghost with Windows XP Fresh Install

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I work for my company from home during holidays. I have been given special permission to use some of the company's propriety software in my home system along with remote logging. Also I have been given permission to use certain software which can be activated once in six months.

Our company accepted my request for a fresh Installation of software in my system but have said that they will not give me permission to install for another 6 months minimum.

So I ask this question to you all.....

I do a fresh Installation of Windows XP Pro and other applications along with Norton System Works which comes along with Norton Ghost and take an image of the current C, D drives where my Windows & Program Files exist to another partition .

Now in future instead of again formatting and again installing a fresh copy of Windows & Applications, can I just use the Norton Ghost and create the same Fresh Installation on my C & D ?

Will that hold the software activation, settings etc again to my Original state after Image restoration to C & D ?

If yes can you all please guide me how to do that ?

I did a search and came across this thread (http://www.thinkdigit.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=14908&highlight=ghost)which didn't help me.

Thank You All.


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Kannan, Yes It will do ..

Have been using the Norton Ghost for long time now ..
Its The Best .. Backing-UP Software

The norton ghost backup image file makes/restores your computer as
it was when you make the backup ..

That is if you make the backup after fresh installing OS and your softwares .. and making all your settings n tweaks
After some time windows slow down
bcoz of all those temp files or Instaling uninstalling
various software and scrap etc.

Then when you do a restore from the backup file ..
Your computer is as good as new fresh install.

Ghost do the restore and indirectly defrag your drive in just 2 minutes.

Kannan said:
can you all please guide me how to do that ?
Tell me what version you have then I tell you how to do that!

Like If you have NortonGhost 2003 ..
Then you have to boot in Dos
Run the programme
do this:

Local>Partition>To Image
for making the backup

Local>Partition>From Image
to restore the partition


AMD user for 9 yrs!!
Kannan said:
I am using v9.0 rollcage

I have 9.0 .. but I use the 2003/8.0 dos version
bcoz its very fast and comparatively easy to use
Ok then ..

For Ghost 9.0 - You must have the bootable version the software cd..

Step 1: First Install the software( that you must have done by now)

Step 2: Backup the Partition
... using its GUI ..
Remember that 9.0 make the backup while windows is still running..
- 9.0 make the backup image file with the extention .nvi or something I dont remember exactly .. and previous version make .GHO extention

If you want you can use the options divde the backup Image file in parts to copy them on CD-R

Step 3: Make sure you make the backup on difterent partition than C: & D: in your case

For Restoring the the partition:-

Step 1: Boot from the CD

Step 2: Use the Options in the Interface to restore the respective partition..

(I have the Norton Ghost 9.0 bootable CD ... It has a GUI interface when you boot from the cd)

There is not much to tell ... Read the help file you get to know the basic facts

If you dont understand something.. we will help you out.



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Rollcage I got into a different problem this time.

Since our company has given one license to me I can use the systemworks in my system. Problem is that i was not given the Second Bootable CD. According to our company policy there can be only one copy of original CD as backup.

Now I need the bootable Recovery CD and Admin says he will talk to his colleagues and let me know.

Thanks for the help rollcage.
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