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Nokia N96

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Raja Gopal

Right off the assembly line
i own nokia n96 mobile

i bought it nearly a month ago

it has 16gb internal memory

i filled nearly 8 gb in it

from 4 to 5 days of my purchase till now my mobile is hanging up a lot

i am not a hardcore rough handler too , but, still it is hanging up a lot

is there any way to overcome from this problem

if so pls suggest me

and also pls teach me how to flash(reinstall ) the mobile
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thats ok , heating problem with symbian phones are common filling up the memory space doesn't make heat .

do u put in to charger for many hrs ??

use bluetooth headphones for talking

do u means re-installing the firmware ?? just u do it with PC-suite with software updater


Cyborg Agent
Heating probs with symbian phones? now where does that come from ..

n96 software is not stable enough.Check ur firmware version and try to update it using nokia software updater. The latest one should be stable enough. U dont need to flash it , just update it to latest firmware and see if it helps.
Raja Gopal

Raja Gopal

Right off the assembly line
ya bro i put charge for many hrs

is that the prob for hanging up?

k as ur suggestion i will try updating and see weather it helps me

i updated and now the hanging gone

and one more thing previously i forget to mention one more problem

it was if i open camera it says error : feauture not supported

this problem continues still even after updating

i tried factory reset and full mob reset too

still that error continues

pls help me with this issue
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